How to buy ultrasonic beauty device wholesale easily?

What is Ultrasonic beauty device?

ultrasonic beauty device wholesale

Ultrasonic beauty device wholesale: There is no place on a woman's face and body that a special device would not have been invented for caring for. Let's analyze the beauty mastheads!

Appointment: face lifting massage.

Beauty device will help get rid of puffiness, tighten the oval of the face, improve skin condition by stimulating blood circulation, and prevent the appearance of wrinkles and creases.

With regular use of the beauty device, the contours of the face are strengthened, the skin becomes firm and elastic.

The shape of the scraper does not affect the functions of the massager; all scrapers have the same effect.

How to use Ultrasonic beauty device wholesale:

Strictly along the Ultrasonic beauty device wholesale, with light pressure, without stretching the skin: from the center of the forehead to the temples, from the wings of the nose to the temples, from the tip of the nose up to the center of the forehead, from the corners of the mouth to the middle of the ears, from the center of the chin to the earlobes.

For better glide, apply a couple of drops of oil or serum to your skin.

What is this difference?

Radio frequency waves were first common in medicine in 1905 to treat internal organs and joints. It was only in 2004 that technologies for exposure to radio frequencies on the subcutaneous fatty tissue and dermis appeared. Since that time, the era of skin tightening without plastic surgery begins.

Types of RF lifting: which one, to whom, why?

Ultrasonic beauty device wholesale lifting has gained popularity due to its fast results and long-lasting effect. This procedure requires two electrodes: negative and positive. The charge passes between them and does not spread into space. The purpose of the lifting and its effect, depending on the number of electrodes, will differ slightly.

Monopolars Ultrasonic beauty device wholesale

Monopolar devices- pioneers of the procedure. This lifting has the strongest effect, since only one electrode active in this instrument. The passive electrode is usually placed near the site of the procedure. To work with the face and décolleté, place a passive electrode in the collar area.

Tightening your belly skin? Place the passive electrode under the buttock. Before buying such equipment "get your hands on", this business requires experience. But at the same time, the procedure gives the most impressive result.

Since it is with this type of lifting that Ultrasonic beauty device wholesale penetrate 2-3 cm deep, and the process of changing the protein structure with the subsequent production of collagen affects the deepest layers of the skin.

Monopolar lifting devices are very expensive.

  1. The depth of penetration and absorption of RF energy is influenced not only by the type of apparatus, but also by the frequency at which it operates. But more about that next time ...

If you are a client of a beauty salon, then do not be lazy to find out which apparatus the master is working on. The monopolar procedure is the most expensive, but its result is strikingly different from the cheaper RF procedures.

The break between sessions can be up to 12 days, because tissues need time to heal themselves.

Bipolar Ultrasonic beauty device wholesale

Biopolar Ultrasonic beauty device wholesale lifting works with two active electrodes: positive and negative. The second electrode is built into the handpiece itself, that is, the action of the current will occur to a greater extent in the horizontal plane. Bipolar devices are those that are most often found on the market.

Move the handpiece during the session to avoid excessive overheating of the tissue. During this procedure, it is the epidermis and dermis that heats up, and the metal itself remains at the ambient temperature, so the moment of overheating is easy to miss. Be careful.

Bipolar lifting device have two separate electrodes

The bipolar lifting device can have two separate electrodes or two independent handpieces. If the electrodes are not in a tight bundle, then the direction of frequencies is easier to control, and therefore it is possible to influence the depth of penetration.

With this type of lifting, it is important to observe the distance between the electrodes and not inadvertently turn bipolar into monopolar. When the electrodes come closer, the force of the charge passing between them increases. Be careful.

Tripolar Ultrasonic beauty device wholesale

Triopolar Ultrasonic beauty device wholesale: This implies the presence of an additional electrode to intercept impulses and thus increase the area of ​​influence, in this regard, the safety of such a lifting increase. In fact, this is a kind of bipolar lifting. The effect and depth of penetration is similar.

It is very important to touch the skin with all active electrodes at the same time. Otherwise, the flow of impulses will not be able to pass through the skin, but will go into it, which is fraught with unpleasant sensations, and in some cases a sufficiently strong electric shock.

Multipolar Ultrasonic beauty device wholesale

Multipolar Ultrasonic beauty device wholesale are a type of bipolar. In it, the current "runs" from electrode to electrode, the anode-cathode pairs replace each other alternately. A clear advantage of such a lifting will be the large area of ​​the handpiece head.

ultrasonic beauty device wholesale 2021

On a larger part of the body, heating tissues with the help of multipole lifting will be much faster than using a bipolar or tripolar.

And the request to work with such zones, by the way, is the most frequent: this is the abdomen, and the hips, and the buttocks. The depth of influence plus or minus is similar to that of a bipolar or tripolar, without taking into account any individual characteristics inherent in the apparatus itself.

Areas of application of radiofrequency lifting

Depending on the scope of application, you can buy an Ultrasonic beauty device wholesale device:

  1. Eye area:equipped with a small nozzle, and the lowest temperature possible. Such devices are common exclusively for the area around the eyes. In the rest, they simply will not have any effect.
  2. Face:will help reduce the depth and number of wrinkles, remove acne scars, and improve skin tone. This procedure is very popular among girls. Therefore, a beautician should have such a device in his arsenal.
  3. Body: common in combination with other weight loss techniques. Because of heating, fat cells break down, after which they are excreted from the body through the liver.


Most often, RF eye lifting is done to correct crow's feet and eliminate bruises. The area around the eyes is practically devoid of fatty layer. Therefore, facial equipment cannot be common here. Any procedures in this area must be carried out exclusively with the help of special equipment.

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