Skin rejuvenating instruments: what are the 5 most sought after aesthetic treatments?

Skin rejuvenating instruments
When we talk about aesthetics and beauty, we are among those who most understand the subject. According to the ISAPS (International Society of Plastic Surgery) ranking, USA is the second country that invests the most in aesthetic treatments. Further, it is also famous for its skin rejuvenating instruments.

And this opens up endless possibilities for professionals in this area. Moreover, the demand is huge and the opportunity to have a full schedule is real.

So, for you to stay on top of trends in this area, we brought the 5 most sought after aesthetic treatments in 2021. Furthermore, who knows if this is your chance to discover a new field and multiply your income? Check out!

1. Peeling, the treatment that rejuvenates the skin

It is well known that peeling is an aesthetic procedure that removes the outer layers of impurities from the skin. Similarly, its objective is to eliminate blemishes, sagging and any marks caused by acne.

Thus, cell renewal is carried out progressively, promoting the natural regeneration of tissues. The result of this treatment is much cleaner and rejuvenated looking skin.

It is noteworthy that this is a specific technique. Moreover, only professional can perform proper skin rejuvenating instruments. There are three types of peeling with different forms of application:


Basically,through a deep exfoliation on the skin, dead cells and residues of impurities and dirt remove from the pores;


Acids are common under the skin in order to accelerate cell renewal in deeper layers;


Generally, this is faster and less aggressive. Moreover, this treatment emits light under the pores to eliminate blemishes and residues from the skin.

2. Botox application to disguise expression marks

The application of botulinum toxin, also known as Botox, is also one of the main aesthetic interventions sought in clinics.

In this treatment, skin rejuvenating instruments helps to attenuate marks in the forehead region, the famous crow's feet and also wrinkles between the eyebrows.

How does it work?

It works as follows: the substance comes in the regions mentioned above and temporarily paralyzes the muscles. Similarly, it prevents muscle contraction. After 48 hours, the effect can already be noticed and the expression marks come.

As the effect is lost over time, it is interesting that the patient undergoes the procedure approximately every 5 months.

3. Lymphatic drainage to fight cellulite

An aesthetic treatment for cellulite that has been very successful is lymphatic drainage.

Skin rejuvenating instruments 2021

This procedure is actually a massage technique that encourages the lymphatic system to work quickly. For this, light and rhythmic pressures come by the body, in order to improve blood circulation and reduce the amount of water between fats.

The result is less swollen, smoother skin and less risk of developing cellulite.

4. Body exfoliation to remove dead cells

Keeping skin looking smooth and youthful is what many people want. For this, one of the most sought-after aesthetic body treatments is exfoliation. Several advanced skin rejuvenating instruments are in the market that perfectly helps to remove all dead cells.

How it works:

Very simple, this procedure mixes oils and creams with granular substances in order to cleanse, moisturize and renew the skin. Its application removes dead cells and impurities from the pores and improves blood circulation, which results in smoother, smoother and even skin.

5. Facial matching, the fever of the moment

And, finally, one of the aesthetic treatments that became successful among the famous and that has been making people talk: facial harmonization.

In order to improve facial harmony, the skin rejuvenating instruments use non-surgical techniques and perform with collagen stimulators, support threads and fillers. These materials apply to places such as the cheekbones, lips or chin.

Each patient's situation must be treated in a unique way and the procedure must be personalized. In some cases, for example, surgical means are easy to use, such as bichectomy, which removes fat from the cheeks to thin the face.

Why you should invest in treatments that are on the rise?

In fact, you should invest in treatments that are on the rise and give your clinic a boost!

To attract more customers and always have a busy schedule, it is important to know what your audience wants. And be aware of the most requested aesthetic treatments today.

How can you grow your esthetic clinic?

With professionalism and good business management, your esthetic clinic has everything to grow and be a reference in the market.

High-tech has now also infected the world of beauty: our skincare becomes more and more sophisticated thanks to skin rejuvenating instruments that give our skin lasting and immediate benefits, worthy of a professional treatment.

Do skin rejuvenating instruments do replace all beauty products?

Finding your way around the world of beauty tools is not easy, especially because of the very high prices that these design objects often have.

What are the most interesting news of 2019?

Beauties, today I have collected for you some of the most interesting news of 2021!

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