An Ultimate silicone face cleansing brush Guide for facial cleaning

Facial cleansing
silicone face cleansing brush

Facial cleansing is an essential step in your daily beauty routine that will help solve many problems. We will tell you how to choose the right products, what the type of skin has to do with it, and why washing with water is not enough. Instead, use a silicone face cleansing brush for good benefits.


Why You Need To Cleanse Your Face Regularly

Every day, dirt accumulates on the skin's surface and in the pores: dust, decorative cosmetics, sebum, dead skin particles and even residues of care products. To get rid of them, you have at least three reasons:


  • They provoke inflammation. An explosive mixture of impurities is an ideal breeding ground for developing bacteria and, therefore, acne.


  • They reduce the effectiveness of cosmetics. It is difficult for valuable components to break through the "mask" of impurities, so creams and serums cannot show themselves in full force.


  • How do you know if your skin is lacking in cleansing? First, she will "tell" about it! Or rather, it will show it in the mirror; for having clean and clear skin usea silicone face cleansing brush.


Signs of skin contamination

Healthy, clean skin should look smooth, hydrated and radiant (not confused with "shiny with oil"). If yours is still far from this ideal, look for the main signs of contamination:


  • A scattering of small pimples.
  • Dull complexion.
  • Black dots.
  • Enlarged pores.
  • Rough terrain.


Types of Facial Skin Cleansing By Depth Of Impact

Even if you follow all the stages of cleansing (makeup remover, washing, toning), the skin can still look dull, problematic and uneven. Sound familiar?. Then maybe it's time for you to try deep cleaning and add a silicone face cleansing brush.


It will help eliminate impurities at a deep level and unclog pores from sebaceous plugs - the main "sponsors" of acne and skin imperfections.



Superficial face cleansing includes makeup removal, washing with gel or foam, toning, and exfoliation.



Deep cleansing most often begins with a steaming procedure that opens up the pores. In the salon, special devices are used for this. And at home, you can hold your face over a bowl of hot water, take a shower, or use a special mask with a steaming effect. There is one in the Garnier arsenal!


It is the masks that are responsible for the deep cleansing of the skin at home. Moreover, you can use a silicone face cleansing brush. And in the salon, you can be offered several cosmetic procedures at once:


  • Manual cleaning- carried out by a beautician manually. Of course, you can try to squeeze out a pimple at home, but the beautician will remove imperfections in conditions of maximum sterility.


  • Ultrasonic cleaning- performed using ultrasonic waves that break down blackheads, pimples and comedones.


  • Vacuum cleaning- impurities are pushed onto the surface of the skin using a vacuum.


  • Galvanic cleaning- affects the skin, pre-treated with a chemical solution, electric current.


  • Dry cleaning - fruit acids applied to the skin's surface removes the stratum corneum, cleanse the pores and even out the relief.


Features of Daily Facial Cleansing At Home

We answer the main questions about cleansing the skin of the face at home using a silicone face cleansing brush.


How to choose the right silicone face cleansing brush?

The best way to choose is to focus on skin and the ingredients suitable in the morning good for it. Given ahead is a detail on how you can choose the right product for yourself.


  • Foams and gels for washing, containing matting, sebum-regulating and bactericidal components, are suitable for oily and problem skin. They can help treat blackheads, acne, greasy shine and enlarged pores. Salicylic acid and zinc are a must-have in the composition!


  • For dry skin, products with oils and moisturisers are suitable. They will help to saturate it with moisture and restore the hydrolipidic barrier.


  • Normal skin needs cleansing just as much as other types. Both gels and foams are suitable for her, especially if they contain natural plant extracts (grapes, apricots, etc.).Silicone face cleansing brush is the best option to use in all respects.


  • Owners of sensitive skin can try washing without water - using cleansers with the most delicate formulas and soothing ingredients in the composition.


  • Combination skin needs special care: in the T-zone, it suffers from excessive oiliness, and in the U-zone - from a lack of lipids. Micellar water is suitable for removing makeup and a gel with plant extracts for washing.

silicone face cleansing brush 2021

What are silicone face cleansing rules essential to know?

Given ahead are some cleansing rules that you should follow.


  • Cleansing too often or aggressively is just as dangerous as insufficient. Washing our face over and over again can bring the skin to dehydration and break its protective barrier.


Therefore, it is necessary to cleanse the face skin twice a day - in the morning and the evening. Silicone face cleansing brush will make your skincare routine very simple and beneficial.


  • In the morning, to cleanse your face, washing with gel or foam and toning is enough. It is imperative to take off your makeup; otherwise, you will find a panda-onion and sore skin in the morning.


  • All cleansers must be suitable for your skin type!


  • Regular washing soap will not work. It contains aggressive surfactants that will disrupt the skin's pH balance and certainly lead to increased dryness.
  • A separate towel should be added to the face. It is important to blot the skin with it, not rub it.


How important are water quality and temperature?

Good water quality and an appropriate temperature are of great significance when using a silicone face cleansing brush. If you know that tap water in your home leaves a lot to be desired, use filtered or bottled water.

It is more appropriate for washing the face with relatively warm water as it dries quickly. It stimulates the sebaceous glands, while cold water constricts blood vessels and impairs blood circulation.


Step By Step Instructions for Cleansing And Skin Care

Daily facial cleansing is a beauty ritual in which at least two treatments are involved. So how to carry it out according to all the rules at home? Follow our instructions!


1-Washing your face

Water is not enough for cleansing, even if it is a morning ritual. You do need a silicone face cleansing brush. Why is that? While we sleep, our skin is actively regenerating and secreting sebum.


Sebum must be removed before a new stage of care. Foam or gel for washing to help!


2-Intensive cleansing

You need a good scrub for exfoliation (removing dead skin cells): use it 1-2 times a week, especially if the skin is oily or prone to inflammation. Just remember that scrubs should not be used during an exacerbation of acne or acne!


It can spread bacteria all over your face. For deep cleansing, masks based on clay or activated carbon are suitable (they will help forget about blackheads). Use silicone face cleansing brush for this purpose.

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