6 Must Sally Beauty Supply Equipment to Open a New Salon in 2021

Sally Beauty Supply Equipment
Opening sally beauty supply equipment business - and more particularly a hairdressing salon - is a long-term business. This requires a number of steps to be taken (market study, budgeting, search for premises, etc.), and development work. But once you decide the décor and other articles, it is still necessary to arrange the premises.

It is very important to adjust a separate space for beauty supply equipment for men and women. Barbers playing on a vintage atmosphere are thus very successful, because customers have the impression of offering themselves a moment out of time and slipping into the skin of dandies.

The sally beauty supply equipment essential to open a barber shop

The three essentials for a barber shop are:

  1. The barber's chair (equipped with an adjustable headrest
  2. a gas pump to adjust the angle of the seat
  3. a hydraulic pump for the height and a footrest) a specific styling station, equipped with a sink.

The barber chair differs from a traditional hairdressing chair by its design with vintage accents. Similarly, you should not for get to arrange modern sally beauty supply equipment.

These will bring real comfort to customers, while allowing you to have real precision in your gestures. If you also offer a haircutting service, you might be tempted to acquire a conventional styling station, which is less expensive. Nevertheless, a model specially designed for the size and maintenance of the beard and mustaches is very practical, because it comes with a sink with a tap.

What do you know about sally beauty supply equipment?

For the hairdressing area, the essential sally beauty supply equipment is compulsory. Similarly, you need a couple of other things like:

  • reception desk
  • shampoo basins (or an adaptable basin that is easy to attach to the barber's seat)
  • shelves or displays for your products
  • changing room
  • hairdressing stool
  • waiting chairs
  • storage unit (s) on casters if necessary

How to treat skin aging with beauty supply equipment?

When entering middle age, aging skin is inevitable. However, this process happens sooner or later, at a speed that is fast or slow is something we can control. You can easily limit the factors that cause aging if you know what causes them: Excessive exposure to ultraviolet rays thanks to sunlight.

Regularly exposed to electromagnetic radiation from electronic devices such as phone screens, computers, televisions, sally beauty supply equipment led screens, etc. Often have to stay up late, lack of sleep. Regular consumption of foods containing caffeine, nicotine, alcohol, or eating a lot of red meat and fried foods can also cause aging.

Causes of skin aging

If in the past, women silently suffered from "living" with wrinkles, dark, dry skin... Then with the continuous development of cosmetic technology today, many young solutions have been born. Skin aging, help prevent signs of aging and help you regain a part of your youth. Skin rejuvenation technologies are increasingly winning the hearts of women because of their quick, time-saving.


Ulherapy technology is receiving much attention from many people because of its quick results and no downtime after the procedure. This technology works thanks to the ultrasonic energy of micro-points that impact heat under the skin with a depth of 4.5mm. Helps stimulate the production of natural elastin, collagen in a strong way.

Since then, the skin will quickly become firm, increase elasticity; the aging skin areas will also be significantly improved. In addition to helping to rejuvenate, sally beauty supply equipment technology also helps the skin become firm and slim. This will not be suitable for those who want to own a round face.


Sally Beauty Supply Equipment 2021

High Intensity Focus Ultrasound is considered the most popular skin rejuvenation technology today. HIFU uses high-intensity focused ultrasound waves with a frequency of 3.2 MHZ, a temperature of 60 - 70 degrees Celsius, affecting the skin with thousands of individual small points in the subcutaneous muscle epidermis up to 3.0 - 4.5mm deep.

From there, making even the most lax and sagging skin areas become firm, wrinkles are filled, returning the inherent slim lines to the face.

Uses of HIFU technology: 

Ø Rejuvenate skin from deep inside:

Ultrasonic waves generated by Hifu technology can promote collagen growth; strengthen the growth of elastin fibers, thereby helping to keep skin healthy and youthful from deep within.

Ø Blurring wrinkles: 

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Hifu has the ability to connect broken collagen fragments to help smooth wrinkles around the mouth and eyes.

Ø Lifting and lifting face skin: 

Hifu technology penetrates deep into the structure of the skin to help melt fat under the chin, lift facial muscles and tighten sagging skin.  Sally beauty supply equipment is much important. In particular, the energy source of Hifu technology does not directly affect the skin, causing no redness or burning.

Ø Signs that your skin is aging

Above are the top best skin rejuvenation technologies that are currently popular for popular lifting and slimming. Hopefully these useful shares will help you gain more knowledge about skin aging to choose the most suitable option for you as well as the Spa's treatment process.

Ø Laser skin rejuvenation 

It is a popular method that uses laser beams to impact the skin structure, helping to treat the manifestations of aging skin such as wrinkles, sagging, pigment lesions, vasodilation, etc. So is laser skin rejuvenation good? This is a frequently asked question by many Spa owners when learning and applying new technologies for current Spa treatments.

Conclusion sally beauty supply equipment

This technique directs short light rays and focuses light pulses on aging skin to treat, remove layers of skin and promote collagen production. As new skin cells form, the skin becomes younger and smoother. Accordingly, laser skin resurfacing and rejuvenation is usually reserved for the following subjects by using sally beauty supply equipment:

  • People with obvious lines or wrinkles around the eyes, sides of the nose
  • In case there is a shallow scar due to acne
  • People with loss of skin elasticity, vasodilation, hyperpigmentation
  • The skin does not change after the skin tightening procedure.

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