How sally beauty supply equipment works best for rejuvenation?

How to rejuvenate a face without surgery

sally beauty supply equipment

This question is asked by more and more women and men. But, unfortunately, not everyone can decide to go under the surgeon's knife - such a revolutionary method is fraught with consequences.

Moreover, it hurts and takes a long time; it is necessary to recover after surgical intervention. Fortunately, modern aesthetic medicine has allowed us to rejuvenate the skin of the face without surgery - thanks to cosmetic equipment.


Techniques of hardware

Hardware techniques can be common already at the first signs of aging - after 30 years. Sally beauty supply equipment is right here for your help. But they are also effective at a more mature age - both 40 and 50-60.

With the help of modern methods of facial skin rejuvenation in cosmetology, you can remove the first mimic wrinkles, deep wrinkles, ptosis, age spots, give the skin elasticity and freshness. So let’s figure out how to rejuvenate a face without surgery just by visiting a beautician's office.


Effective beauty supply equipment methods of facial rejuvenation without surgery

So, what forms of facial rejuvenation are offered today in aesthetic medicine clinics? There are many such procedures, each suitable for a specific age and a specific problem. Sally beauty supply equipment will help you in this matter

In general, we can divide them into two categories –

  1. ablative and
  2. non-ablative.

In the first case, the integrity of the skin is violated; in the second - not. We conclude that ablation techniques are more traumatic and painful, but they are often more effective.

Among the effective facial rejuvenation methods without surgery, we note the following: how to rejuvenate your face without surgery.

  1. RF lifting.
  2. SMAS lifting.
  3. ELOS rejuvenation.
  4. Laser rejuvenation.

Let's take a closer look at each of the new ways to rejuvenate the face.

In this respect, we would be using sally beauty supply equipment.

How to rejuvenate your face without surgery: RF lifting

Radiofrequency lifting is carried out using an RF-lifting apparatus, which involves the exposure of the dermis to radio waves and its warming due to this. Heat shrinks fabrics and shrinks fibers.

It provides a lifting effect; in - the skin tone is improved, the skin is tightened. The high temperatures also stimulate the production of collagen, elastin.


Sally beauty supply equipment for rejuvenation


One of the advantages of SMAS-lifting is the painlessness of the procedure. And, of course, the result is a noticeable rejuvenating effect even after the first session. The system provides enhanced skin regeneration, blood microcirculation, and collagen synthesis. Sally beauty supply equipment is recommended.


The sally device sends ultrasonic pulses under the skin, thereby helping to tighten the muscles of the facial frame. Unfortunately, the older a person becomes, the more the muscles stretch in this area, the skin becomes flabby, and this hardware technique perfectly solves this problem.

sally beauty supply equipment 2021

Sally beauty supply equipment technique for rejuvenation

The sally device combines the effects of light and electrical energy. This combination allows you to achieve noticeable facial rejuvenation without surgery.

Thanks to the influence of 2 energies, the skin quickly regenerates, producing collagen and elastin intensively, and aging slows down significantly. This method can remove not only wrinkles but also vascular networks, age-related pigmentation, etc. Choose the right sally beauty supply equipment for yourself here.

non-injection mesotherapy

Previously, mesotherapy involved injecting drugs under the skin with injections. But it is painful and unpleasant; there is a risk of infection, so more and more patients prefer one of the new facial rejuvenation methods - non-injection therapy.

Thanks to special equipment, injecting any drugs into the deep layers without painful injections has become possible. This technique is recommended if necessary to remove wrinkles, if the skin is loose, if there are rosacea or age spots, with enlarged pores.

How to rejuvenate your face without surgery: diamond resurfacing

Sally beauty supply equipment has a complete range of products available. The diamond resurfacing method is also called microdermabrasion. With the help of a modern apparatus, it becomes possible to "polish" the skin, relieving it of keratinized particles.

It is similar to peeling but very deep; it allows you to even out the relief and stimulates skin regeneration, providing a pronounced rejuvenating effect. The procedure does not even require anesthesia, and you will see the result after the first session.

Cryotherapy is a way to stop time.

One of the most effective ways to rejuvenate your face is cryotherapy. This technique involves cooling the skin to extreme sub-zero temperatures. Sally beauty supply equipment will help you in finding solutions for your beauty problems.

The procedure is quick; since the cold is easy to apply to the skin only for a few seconds, and the effect is immediately noticeable. In addition, due to shallow temperatures, tissues begin to renew themselves (under the influence of stress). In this way, you can quickly get rid of pigmentation, wrinkles, and other age-related changes.

Laser facial rejuvenation

modern methods of facial skin rejuvenation Another of the most effective ways of facial rejuvenation without surgery allow you to quickly and gently stop age-related changes. Sally beauty supply equipment will help you in this regard. In addition, the laser beam hits specific areas of the skin and provides them with heating.

How laser device works

With the help of a laser device, a cosmetologist can remove wrinkles, age spots, stretch marks, vascular networks, and enlarged pores from a patient. Moreover, as a rule, this technique recommends after 30-35 years.

Selecting beauty supply equipment

Choose laser device from sally beauty supply equipment. The fractional CO2 laser is most often common for laser rejuvenation. It provides exposure to specific areas with defects, so it is both safe and effective. In addition, the soreness of the procedure is minimized. Furthermore, the micro-beams of the laser device form the so-called fractional pattern on the skin, but it heals quickly.

Can hardware methods of rejuvenation fail?

All modern methods of rejuvenation using cosmetology equipment are scientifically based. In the practice of cosmetologists, there have been no cases when the treatment did not bring positive results.

However, each patient has their characteristics, such as the type and condition of the skin, and for all, the effect manifests itself in different ways - in some, it is more pronounced; in others, it is less.

How to keep the patient satisfied and Facial Skin rejuvenation

While using sally beauty supply equipment, you do have to keep your patient satisfied. Facial skin rejuvenation without surgery is natural if you use modern equipment designed to solve age-related skin problems. It is essential to use only high-quality certified equipment from a trusted manufacturer.

Medical laser manufacturing

Medical laser has been manufacturing cosmetic devices for over ten years and has become a leader in its field. When buying equipment from us, each client gets the opportunity to undergo training in working with the selected equipment model.

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