Now You Can Do RF-lifting Beauty at Home

An increasing number of women around the world are using the RF lifting apparatus for face and body lifting procedures. This choice is quite justified, because RF-lifting is the newest word in cosmetology. Whether done in the salon or at home, the RF lift provides a remarkable anti-aging effect.

Is it realistic to carry out such a procedure at home? Quite. Even women who do not have a special education as a cosmetologist or dermatologist can do RF-lifting sessions. 90% of the successful result depends, of course, on the quality of the equipment. RF-lifting devices are not uncommon in the modern beauty industry. A properly selected device will help to make the skin young, elastic and toned without expensive procedures in beauty salons.

The principle of operation of the device for RF lifting

The RF lifting device, or the so-called radio frequency device (RF, RF), transmits the energy of radio waves using electrodes. Radiation penetrates through the epidermis into deeper layers down to the subcutaneous fatty tissue.

Penetrating into the subcutaneous layers, radio frequency pulses "warm up" them to 40-50 degrees. As a result, dermal collagen begins to shrink while simultaneously tightening the outer layers of the skin. This approach helps to improve the tone and structure of the dermis, making it more elastic and dense.

It is interesting. Collagen protein has a spiral structure that unwinds when exposed to heat. Within six months after changing the structure of the protein, the body begins to trigger recovery mechanisms. This, in turn, causes a "surge" in the growth of collagen fibers. This new collagen tightens the skin for a visually more youthful and toned appearance. Over time, the collagen scaffold becomes denser, wrinkles and creases are smoothed out, and sagging skin becomes less flabby.


Types of devices and their purpose

Apparatus for RF lifting are stationary and portable. The former are large in size, as well as high power and performance. The portable lifting device consists of a power supply unit and a manipulator for skin treatment. Such devices are small and allowed for home use.

Many women are at a loss, not knowing what is better for their skin - hardware or non-hardware lifting? What is the composition of the aids in these two procedures? And which device should you choose for more tangible results?

Lifting devices are also divided based on the number of electrodes in the manipulator: bipolar, monopolar, multipolar, matrix and combined.


Bipolar RF face lifting machines are designed to eliminate imperfections mainly on the face skin. The action of radio waves here is quite mild, the heating level does not exceed 45 degrees. Bipolar models of devices contain 2 electrodes in one handpiece, this significantly reduces the risk of burns during the procedure. Lifting with a bipolar device should be done in cycles.


Monopolar lifting devices are considered to be more rigid than bipolar ones. They are suitable for eliminating imperfections in the face and body. Heating of the skin as a result of exposure reaches 60 degrees. Monopolar devices also have 2 electrodes. One of them is located under the scapula of the patient or in his hand, the second is performed all the necessary manipulations. As a result, the energy of the radio waves spreads over a larger surface of the skin. Most often, the device is used to combat stretch marks, cellulite or excess weight. Does not require repeated procedures.


Multipolar RF facelift combines the nuances of bipolar and monopolar effects. The principle of operation of the device is based on the operation of several electrodes (there can be from 3 to 20) with a systematic change of poles. This effect allows you to penetrate into the deep layers of the dermis and provides uniform heating.


Trying to determine which device is the best and most modern, it is worth paying attention to matrix devices. They are rightfully considered the most modern among all the listed devices. Matrix lifting is based on the use of microneedle electrodes. This allows you to penetrate into different layers of the skin and provide a volumetric ZD-lifting effect. In terms of safety, the matrix method can be compared with bipolar, and in terms of efficiency - with monopolar.


Such devices can combine several types of RF lifting: radio frequency and infrared or radio frequency and laser, etc.

What device to take for home?

Those who wish to carry out RF-lifting on their own can buy a device for the home. You can buy it freely in specialized medical equipment stores or order it on special sites on the Internet. Junmei is a company specializing in the production of beauty equipment. A home appliance does not have to be heavy-duty and includes many non-essential features. Additional modes on the lifting machine are usually intended for beauty salon professionals.

Even not the most powerful portable device can cope with the task of lifting the skin of the face and neck. The key points in this matter are not the power of the device, but the frequency and correctness of the procedures. For those wishing to correct the whole body or its parts, it is worth purchasing a more powerful device.

When choosing an RF device for home use, you should pay attention to some nuances:

  • Power - the depth of heating and the final result of the procedure depends on it.
  • Operating modes - may vary for different areas of the face.
  • Supporting functions - some devices can perform facial massage.
  • A proven manufacturer - the device in this case may cost a little more, but the expenses will be justified by the debts by the life of the device and the positive result from the tightening.
  • Warranty service - it is better to choose a device that can be sent for repair to a service in your region in the event of a breakdown.
  • After all the preparatory procedures, the face is slowly and carefully processed with an RF device (previously set in the desired mode).

Important! During the procedure, there should be no painful sensations, only uniform heat. Pain and redness may indicate an incorrect mode. This is fraught with burns. You can get burned even if the device is exposed to the skin for too long. The best option is to visit the product customer service immediately before purchasing an RF device.

Ladies who want to save their time and money in the pursuit of beauty do not have to go to expensive procedures of cosmetic clinics. Currently, it is not difficult to find a suitable device for RF-lifting at home. The basic rules when working with these devices are clarity in following the instructions and the reliability of the purchased device.


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