How often can I use RF Beauty Instrument for sale on my face?

Introduction of RF Beauty Instrument

RF Beauty Instrument for sale is an aesthetic problem on a global scale. According to statistics from the authoritative American research, almost 90% of women, about 70% of teenage girls suffer face issues. And about 40% of men, mostly athletes, face it. In girls and women, stretch marks appear on the skin.

And in men who are involved in strength sports, striae appear on the inner surface of the arms and shoulders. Representatives of both sexes are united by the complexity of solving the problem.  After all, it is impossible to get rid of stretch marks at home. Furthermore, only a laser can cope with this task.
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What are striae?

Striae are skin defects in the form of stripes of different colors, widths, and lengths. In essence, stretch marks are atrophic scars that are not dangerous for the skin and human health, which are purely aesthetic defects.

Types of stretch marks

When we look at each other on the beach or in the pool, we notice that the stretches of different people differ from each other. They can be reddish, bluish, whitish, slightly pearlescent; less or wavier; smoother, convex, or retracted. Furthermore, these differences come by the stage of stretch marks formation.

6 stages characteristic manifestations.

  1. fresh purple stretch marks.
  2. striae white without grading and signs of cutaneous depression.
  3. Also, non-stepped white scars with signs of cutaneous depression.
  4. stretch marks without profound discoloration, with grades of less than 1 cm.
  5. scars with deep discoloration, with grading less than 1 cm.
  6. white striae with grades of more than 1 cm.

Having carefully studied the classification of stretch marks by stages, one can understand that as they "age" they change their color and structure. At the final stage of formation, they are transformed into atrophic scars - dense connective tissue formations.

Why do stretch marks appear?

In most cases, the appearance of stretch marks is provoked by three factors:

  1. hormonal disorders;
  2. a sharp increase in body weight or muscle mass;
  3. decreased synthesis of elastin and collagen.

At the same time, experts note that the influence of just one factor rarely leads to the appearance of stretch marks.

Overstretching of the skin

A completely different matter is the combination of all three factors - in this case, stretch marks will appear with 100% probability. After all, the skin depleted in elastin and collagen loses its strength and at a certain moment, it simply cannot withstand the stress being tested.

Furthermore, this leads to overstretching of the skin, as a result of which micro-tears form. Similarly, over time, it becomes overgrown with denser connective tissue in the form of characteristic stripes - striae.

Stretch Mark Removal Methods

Many clients of beauty salons and clinics of aesthetic cosmetology dream of getting rid of stretch marks. However, this is not easy to do. Moreover, wraps, masks, douches, compresses appear.

As for "young" stretch marks, chemical peeling or dermabrasion will help to correct their condition for the better and make them invisible. Moreover, Chemical peeling for stretch marks - the common of "aggressive" acids that "burn" (remove) the epidermis, thereby provoking nucleogenesis.

The effective method is based on the regenerative

During the procedures, alpha hydroxy acids, trichloroacetic or phenolic acid is common. Phenolic acid gives the best result. But its common is extremely painful and is carried out only under anesthesia. Trichloroacetic and alpha hydroxy acids act more delicately, so their effectiveness is significantly lower.

Dermabrasion for stretch marks - RF Beauty Instrument for sale (removal) of the upper layer of the skin with an abrasive cutter. The effectiveness of the method is based on the regenerative features of the skin - after removing the top layer with defective atrophic scars, active regeneration and the formation of young healthy skin are observed.

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Removal of stretch marks with a laser

Dermabrasion is painful and is performed under general anesthesia. With retracted stretch marks, serious damage to healthy tissue is possible. But what should the owners of "old" scars do? Removal of stretch marks at a late stage of development is possible only during plastic surgery or the common of a laser.

The solution of the problem by the method of laser resurfacing involves complete or partial ablation (evaporation) of the atrophic scar. Stretch marks remove in layers, which activates the processes of naturally renewing the upper layer of the skin and the synthesis of new collagen.

Benefits of laser removal of stretch marks

After using a laser (usually carbon dioxide), an active remodeling of the affected area is observed - striae disappear completely or become completely invisible, the skin is smoothed and acquires a healthy color. Controlling the penetration depth of the laser beam.

the common of an innovative CO2 laser allows you to adjust the power and parameters of the light energy to the individual problems and characteristics of the skin of each client. Selectivity - resurfacing of stretch marks with a CO2 laser does not affect the surrounding healthy tissues, which significantly reduces the risk of burns, side effects, and complications.

Painlessness and comfort of procedures

The versatility of a CO2 laser - RF Beauty Instrument for the sale of stretch marks is effective against atrophic scars of any color, size, and at any stage of formation. the light energy of the laser does not common severe pain. At the time of resurfacing, clients of beauty salons and clinics may feel intense heat, tolerable tingling, or burning of the skin.

The common local anesthetic, epidermal or air cooling helps to level all the discomfort. The light energy of a CO2 laser works in 5 directions at once. Similarly, it evaporates an atrophic scar, stimulates nucleogenesis, activates skin enzymes, accelerates regeneration processes, and increases local skin immunity.

Recovery after laser resurfacing of stretch marks

An integrated approach to solving the problem of stretch marks ensures an excellent aesthetic effect. And a complete restoration of the normal condition of the skin. Also, A short recovery period RF Beauty Instrument for sale of stretch marks with CO2 laser does not require hospitalization. The procedure comes on an outpatient basis.

Immediately after the end of the procedure, there is a soreness, slight swelling, and redness of the skin at the site of exposure. Furthermore, this reaction is completely normal and goes away on its own within the next 2-3 days. It is very important that in this and subsequent period, until the full recovery of the skin.

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