30 Ways to Use rf beauty instrument for better Skin Grooming in 2021

The ultimate Guide to groom skin with healthy Tips

rf beauty instrument

The beauty industry is a commercial area. From year to year, marketers come up with new rf beauty instrument products that often differ from the previous ones only in name. Therefore, it is possible and necessary to save on care and decorative cosmetics without compromising quality, easily replacing some products with others and not throwing away the bottles ahead of time. On this topic, I have prepared 30 interesting proven beauty life hacks that I use myself.

 Attention: no homemade masks made from mayonnaise, butter, mustard or eggs!

Only safe and working rf beauty instrument beauty tips for girls.

  1. Use white or milky eyeliner to hide redness and make your eyes look more open.

Apply your chosen light shade to the waterline of the eye.

  1. Suddenly out of shaving foam? Replace it with conditioner or hair balm

Apply to the skin, leave for a couple of minutes according to the instructions. Shave smoother than usual!

  1. Expressive but natural eyelashes are obtained by cutting the false eyelashes in half and gluing only from the outer corner of the eye.

A similar effect is given by separate false cilia bundles.

4. Very hot water will help to "revive" the dried mascara

Place the closed tube in rf beauty instrument for 5-10 minutes, then shake well.

If the method did not work, then there is no paraffin in the composition of the product. Then the dried mascara can simply be diluted with drops to moisturize the eyes or liquid for keeping the lenses - this is the safest way.

Do not try to thin mascara with alcohol or acetone, hydrogen peroxide or your own saliva - all this will greatly harm the delicate skin of the eyelids.

5. Liquid lip balm + favorite eyeshadow = new lip gloss in the right shade.

Instead of a balm in this formula, cosmetic petroleum jelly is suitable.
Shadows can also be replaced with a loose bronzer, blush, highlighter.

6. Three ways to remove static electricity from hair with rf beauty instrument:

  1. Spray your comb with nail polish or styling spray.
  2. After brushing, apply hair oil.
  3. The most budget-friendly way is to place a paper towel over the teeth of the comb before combing your hair. It will absorb all static electricity.

In an emergency, you can simply dampen your hair with water or run it over it with a damp cloth.

  1. Cosmetic products with similar textures easily replace each other

Instead of blush, highlighter or bronzer, use the rf beauty instrument eyeshadow of the desired shade. .

8. Don't forget to apply rf beauty instrument products to your hands.

No wonder they say that hands give away a woman's age. The skin on them is especially susceptible to negative environmental influences.

  1. Dry shampoo easily replaces baby powder

The properties and effect are the same. Even more budget options: flour, food starch, natural cocoa powder (for dark hair), cosmetic clay. But it is still more effective to wash your hair.

  1. Use your favorite remedy to the last drop:
  2. Squeeze the remainder out of a soft tube by clamping it between the two prongs of the fork.
  3. Cut the cocktail tube to a spoon-like shape. Scrape the product off the side of the hard bottle.
  4. For wide, soft tubes, cut off the top to scoop out all the contents.

Place the extracted product residues in small travel vials.

11. Heat the broken off piece of lipstick and stick in place

Use a lighter, candle, or warm airflow (hair dryer) to heat up the halves of the stick. Glue them back together, let harden.

  1. The main secret of tanning preservation is moisturizing: internal and external

Drink more water every day. Apply moisturizers to your skin after showering in the morning and evening.

  1. White is an excellent base for any cosmetics.

Use a white pencil as a base for lightly pigmented shadows; white varnish - as a base for colored. Using shades of white applied under the base color, you can also visually correct the volume of the lips, eyebrow line, eye shape, etc.

14.Use rf beauty instrument from an expensive mascara on a budget

The volume and separation of painted eyelashes often depends not on the quality of the mascara, but on the properties of the brush. Rinse the expensive mascara brush under hot soapy water, then screw it into a new tube of inexpensive rf beauty instrument product.

  1. Broken powder will help to save rubbing alcohol
  2. Grind any remaining product residues into a powder.
  3. Pour gently with alcohol, mix into a gruel.
  4. Smooth the surface, leave to dry for 6-12 hours.

The higher the alcohol concentration, the faster it will evaporate.

The method works with rf beauty instrument shadows, highlighters, blush, bronzers and other dry pressed products.


  1. Save jars and bottles from makeup miniatures

They can be used as travel vials.

17. Renew your sun protection throughout the day with rf beauty instrument

It is a mistake to believe that a high SPF product applied in the morning will provide protection until the evening. Gradually, as it is absorbed, with sweat and touch, the protective properties decrease. Likewise, a “water-resistant” product becomes vulnerable after swimming, especially after long swims.

  1. Pre-powdering the lips and using a pencil to outline the contour will help prolong the durability of the lipstick.

The secret of the "longevity" of matte lipsticks is that they contain much less oils, which contribute to the melting and spreading of the texture.

  1. Hand cream is easy to turn into a caring mask

Apply a thick layer of your favorite moisturizer or nourishing cream to your brushes and wear cellophane gloves. Leave it on for 20-40 minutes, overnight if desired.

  1. Excess dry food can be removed with a clean fluffy brush.

Reception works with powder, blush, eyeshadow, etc.

21. Transparent eyebrow fixative rf beauty instrument gel works no worse than cosmetic glue

It can be used for sequins, small stickers, rhinestones, etc.

  1. Don't spend money on lip scrubs! This is a 100% marketing product.

Renew the skin of the lips with your own rf beauty instrument. Mix the abrasive component (sugar, coffee, salt, poppy seeds, semolina) with liquid (sour cream, vegetable oil - from olive to coconut, kefir).
The simplest options are to add sugar or salt to a liquid lip balm, or use crystallized honey.

  1. Remove the dispenser from the bottle for mascara, lip gloss, liquid lipstick, etc.

You will be surprised how much product is left under it. Enough for a week, even more!

  1. If you want to get beautiful curls, do not comb them with a comb after styling

More natural, airy, soft curls and curls are obtained by breaking the strands with your fingers. When using a curling iron, flat iron or hot curler, wait until the hair is completely cool and “grabbed” before you start fluffing up the style.

25. Three unusual ways to use compact powder:

  1. Powder your lashes before applying mascara. This will make them visually thicker and more voluminous, and the mascara will hold better.
  2. Rf beauty instrument powder is an excellent absorbent product. In an emergency, it will replace dry shampoo and even deodorant.
  3. Primer and finish. Fixing makeup is one of the main purposes of powder products. But they can serve as primers: under the eyeshadow, lipstick, even under the foundation!
  4. For express makeup, use cream eyeshadow

They are easy to apply and blend with your fingers, no brushes or applicators required.

  1. The gradient technique will help to visually enlarge the lips and correct their shape.

Start from the rule: light - increase, dark - decrease. So, to get visually plumper lips, fill the center with one shade (lighter), and use another (darker) for the corners.

  1. Draw a perfectly straight tip of the arrow, even with trembling hands, attaching a plastic card or business card to the corner of your eye

An even more effective, but slightly extreme way is to mark the required contour with masking tape.

29. Matting wipes absorb not only excess sebum, but also unexpectedly flowed makeup

Gently blot any liquid lipstick or mascara that has gone beyond the contour - a small piece of matting napkin can do it.

  1. Avoid touching your hair during the day to maintain volume for many hours.

Moisture, dirt and sebum from your hands will weigh down your hair and ruin your styling.

rf beauty instrument 2021

Bonus 31 tip: Always wash off makeup before bed

Even if you do not have the strength to take a shower, drink tea, even change clothes - still go to the bathroom and wash yourself. You will be very grateful to yourself in the morning for these 5-10 minutes spent in the evening. But your clear skin will be even more grateful with rf beauty instrument.

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