5 Proven Benefits of Precision Beauty Facial Steamer

How to properly steam your face?

Precision Beauty Facial Steamer

Do you often feel self-conscious with dark, dry, and acne-prone skin? How to regain beauty quickly but still safely? Try the precision beauty facial steamer! Read on to learn about the benefits of facial steaming and how to safely steam your face at home.

5 benefits of facial steam

We have heard many people talk about facial steaming in the skin care process. So how is it beneficial that so many people are interested in it?

1. Facial steam helps to detoxify the skin

Every day, our skin is exposed to many harmful factors from the environment such as sunlight, dust, etc. This is something that we cannot avoid. These factors accumulate on the skin every day, forming a dense layer of toxins, making the skin weak, prone to acne and allergies.

Using only face wash will not be enough for us to solve this problem. That is why precision beauty facial steamer is so necessary.

During the facial steaming process, the pores will expand to bring all the sebum from deep in the skin to the outside, the skin will be cleaned from the inside. Toxins are excreted from the skin thanks to the heat and the amount of sweat that the skin secretes through the sauna.

2. Precision beauty facial steamer enhances blood circulation

We know that the face has a lot of nerves, which directly affect the circulatory system and the body's motor system. When you work too hard, the pressure on these nerves is so great that they contract, creating a lot of pain throughout the entire head.

The precision beauty facial steamer contributes to the relaxation of these nerve fibers, which has a very good effect on blood circulation, helping the body's activities return to normal and smoother.

3. Treatment and prevention of hidden acne

Thanks to the process of eliminating toxins, cleaning the skin from deep inside, the agents that cause acne are also eliminated. This very actively supports the treatment of acne that appears on the skin.

In addition, the heat of the steam contributed to the destruction of bacteria. This has destroyed the environment that forms hidden acne on the skin, helping to make the skin bright, clean, and smooth.

4. Regular facial steam helps you relax and reduce stress

If you are a person who often faces a lot of pressures from work and life, which make you very stressed, applying the facial steam method is also an optimal way to help you relieve stress.

Facial steam helps to relax

The heat and fragrance contained in essential oils or sauna materials will contribute to the dilation of the pores and capillaries of the nerves. This helps to relax your mind and reduce stress. In addition, in the process of precision beauty facial steamer, you also give yourself time to rest, relax and enjoy life.

3 ways to steam your face at home safely and effectively

Understand the benefits of facial steaming but you are still wondering how to use the ingredients? Here are 3 simple and effective recipes, which are applied by many people that you can make at home:

Method 1 - Facial steaming with lemongrass prevents hidden acne

Lemon and lemongrass have long been listed as natural ingredients that are very effective in skin care. In addition to the effect of making delicious and nutritious dishes and drinks, lemon and lemongrass should be used to become raw materials for facial steaming.

Facial steaming with natural essential oils

Precision Beauty Facial Steamer 2022

A special feature when choosing precision beauty facial steamer you can choose the scent you like. There are many essential oils that you can choose from such as lavender, grapefruit peel, lemongrass, mint...


Step 1: Prepare a basin of hot water, an essential oil that you like.

Step 2: Put 2-3 drops of essential oil in a basin of hot water, then cover with a towel and relax until the water is not hot.

3: Wash your face with cold water to close the pores.

Note: Don't let the water get too hot, it's easy to damage your face and you should also pay attention to the safe distance between your face and the water basin.

Skin care after precision beauty facial steamer

Steaming properly is not enough; you also need to pay attention to facial skin care after precision beauty facial steamer for the best effect.

Facial massage after steaming:

At the end of the steaming process, you should use clean hands to gently massage your face gently so that toxins are completely eliminated. This is also a way to remove the previous layers of dead, dry skin.

Wash your face to close pores:

Next, you just need to wash your face with cold water to close the pores. You can also use a cleanser, but only use a mild cleanser to avoid excessive skin abrasion.

Blot your face dry with a soft cloth: Use a cotton pad to absorb water on your face until it dries. If using a towel, choose a cotton towel with a high degree of softness that is gentle on the skin.

Moisturizing after facial steaming:

Finally, use moisturizing products for the skin is important. Remember to choose the right product for your skin!

Steam that is too hot can easily cause skin burns

In fact, the amount of water that has just been boiled is small, but the temperature is still very high. If you are not careful while steaming, it will easily cause skin burns. Therefore, you need to keep a safe distance while sauna.

Do not apply too close to the skin will cause the skin to burn due to the steam, but also not too far, will not be able to absorb the nutrients.

In addition, for more convenience and safety in steaming, you can also use a steam generator. The cost for this type of machine is not too high.

Pay attention to sauna time

Precision beauty facial steamer time is also an important factor determining the quality of this method. The best sauna time is about 15-20 minutes. If the time is too short, the skin cannot absorb all the nutrients, the result of the detoxification through sweat is not really high.

If the time is too long, it will also make the skin too hot to bear, potentially causing skin pigmentation.

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