5 Best Oem Beauty Shop Equipment in 2021

What is relevant beauty equipment in the summer?

Oem Beauty Shop Equipment

Oem beauty shop equipment Scorching sun, dust, dry wind, heat are environmental factors that negatively affect the skin condition in summer. Also, under their influence, it loses precious moisture, accumulates a colossal amount of pollution, and ages faster.

However, Professional cosmetology procedures will help to neutralize the impact of adverse.

factors, while preserving the beauty and youth of the skin. However, not all of them are useful in summer, some have strict restrictions and are not recommended for use in the warm season. Also, not to be mistaken in the recommendations and to offer our clients effective care, our memo for the beautician will help.

Skin cleansing beauty shop equipment

Thorough, Oem beauty shop equipment is the first stage of professional face and body skincare in summer. However, as part of its implementation, two effective procedures can be recommended.

Gas-liquid peeling

  • Gently exfoliates dead skin cells.
  • Cleans pores from impurities.
  • Also, Moisturize the skin.
  • Stimulates the function of the dermis.

If necessary, gas-liquid peeling is common for non-invasive mesotherapy, lymphatic drainage massage, and oxygen therapy.

Ultrasonic face cleansing

  • Removes dead cells of the epidermis.
  • Also, thoroughly cleanses the skin.
  • Stimulates the flow of internal processes and reactions.

Comprehensive care

With the help of ultrasound, it is possible to carry out micro-massage of the skin, Oem beauty shop equipment therapeutic or rejuvenating phonophoresis with topical biologically active substances. Furthermore, Well-cleansed skin needs stimulation, hydration, and nourishment, which can provide complex procedures.

Microcurrent therapy

  • Increases the tone of the skin, muscles, and blood vessels.
  • Also, Improves local blood circulation and lymph flow.
  • Normalizes tropism and skin respiration.
  • Accelerates the percutaneous excretion of toxins and metabolic products.

Beauty equipment are successfully common for needleless mesotherapy aimed at deep moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

Non-invasive carboxytherapy

  • Regulates the processes of blood circulation and tissue oxygenation.
  • Also, Accelerates the percutaneous excretion of toxins and metabolites.
  • Accelerates skin metabolism and renewal processes.
  • Oem beauty shop equipmentEliminates congestion.

Non-invasive carboxytherapy, which is carried out using a capsule with a mixture of sodium bicarbonate and citric acid, gently cleanses the skin and exfoliates dead cells.


  • Also, saturates the skin with topical biologically active substances.
  • Improves local functions, processes, and responses.
  • Furthermore, stimulates the processes of natural skin renewal.

The choice of the method of non-injection mesotherapy is individual for each client.


  • Increases skin tone, muscle tone and local immunity.
  • Oem beauty shop equipmentAccelerates the processes of skin renewal.
  • Also, Eliminates inflammation and signs of stress.

To increase the effectiveness of the procedures, cryotherapy is recommended to be combined with thermal effects - contrast thermal stimulation allows you to get a more pronounced result.


  • It activates all internal processes, reactions, and functions of the skin.
  • Also, Improves tropism and tissue oxygenation.
  • Normalizes the work of the sebaceous and sweat glands.
  • Also, Accelerates the processes of skin renewalOem beauty shop equipment.

Oem beauty shop equipment can be important not only to eliminate aesthetic but also dermatological problems - eczema, inflammation, boils, erythema, etc.

Galvanization beauty shop equipment

  • Normalizes the function of sweat and sebaceous glands.
  • Also, Improves local blood circulation and lymph flow.
  • Eliminates congestion.
  • Improves skin tone and normalizes its functions.

Galvanization is easy to carry out with the use of medicines (electrophoresis), saponifying agents (disinfection), or anti-aging professional cosmetics (ionic mesotherapy).

Radical skin rejuvenation

If complex care is not enough and the skin is aging inexorably, then the client can be recommended radical rejuvenation procedures, which are ideal for the warm season.

SMAS lifting beauty shop equipment

  • Improves skin and muscle firmness.
  • Also, reduces wrinkles.
  • Stimulates all intradermal processes.
  • Launches neo collagen.

Often, just 1 SMAS lifting procedure is enough to obtain a prolonged result of skin rejuvenation.

RF lifting

  • Improves skin tone.
  • Oem beauty shop equipmentSmoothes fine wrinkles.
  • Eliminates stagnant processes and tissue hypoxia.
  • Also, Accelerates skin renewal.

The maximum effect of RF lifting is achieved when the skin structures are heated to a temperature of 42-44 ° C.

Body shaping beauty shop equipment

With the arrival of summer, the relevance of beautiful body shapes increases many times over. After all, I want to wear short dresses, sundresses, shorts, and open swimsuits without hesitation, causing admiring glances from others.

Oem beauty shop equipment time to put your figure in order with the help of effective and safe procedures.

Press therapy

  • Improves blood circulation and lymph flow.
  • Eliminates congestion and tissue hypoxia.
  • Furthermore, Accelerates cellular metabolism.
  • Improves lipolysis processes.

Press therapy will help to improve the body and spirit - the procedures normalize the psycho-emotional state, improve sleep, and neutralize the effects of stress Oem beauty shop equipment.

Vacuum, vacuum roller, and LPG massage

  • Destroys local deposits of subcutaneous fat and cellulite.
  • Furthermore, smoothest skin relief.
  • Stimulates the processes of lipolysis and metabolism.
  • Eliminates congestion.

To increase the effectiveness of the procedures, vacuum-roller massage is carried out with simultaneous heating of the skin with infrared radiation and radio frequencies - the results of the procedures are amazing!


  • Improves skin and muscle tone.
  • Also, Destroys local deposits of subcutaneous fat.
  • Corrects signs of cellulite.
  • Furthermore, Improves all metabolic processes and reactions.

Oem beauty shop equipment is apparatus gymnastics for the body, capable of modeling beautiful body outlines. With its help, you can eliminate the negative consequences of a sedentary lifestyle and injuries.

Ultrasonic cavitation beauty shop equipment

  • Eliminates body fat.
  • Also, Destroys cellulite.
  • Reduces tissue and skin surface.

Ultrasonic cavitation allows you to restart and activate the processes of natural lipolysis - after the procedures, fat deposits melt before our eyes.

Oem Beauty Shop Equipment 2021

Shockwave therapy beauty shop equipment

  • Destroys subcutaneous fat and cellulite.
  • Improves skin tone.
  • Also, Eliminates the consequences of injuries and diseases of the musculoskeletal system.

Shock wave therapy is the heavy artillery of modern cosmetology and physiotherapy. Furthermore, her procedures carry out according to individual indications.

However, this question is relevant not only for clients of beauty salons but also for hair removal masters. After all, they have to choose the most effective and safe cosmetology equipment for their work. Oem beauty shop equipment consider all aspects of laser and ELOS hair removal, determine the advantages and disadvantages of the methods.

Conclusion Oem beauty shop equipment

Our memo eloquently testifies to the fact that in the summer season it is possible and useful to carry out hardware procedures of a non-invasive nature - without burns, significant damage, and violation of the integrity of the skin.

Furthermore, they do not create additional stress on the body and do not require a long period of rehabilitation. On the contrary, non-invasive hardware treatments stimulate the skin, energize it and help resist negative environmental factors.

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