Nutrition import: Why China has become a supplement products superpower in 2021?

Why do people love to use Nutri supplements to stay healthy?

nutrition import

Today people are highly preferring to use extra nutrition to stay fit and healthier. So, several countries are seriously paying attention to nutrition import from a reliable supplement producing country.

Nowadays China has become a production superpower for its massive Nutri products.

Hence, importing nutrition supplements from China will be a wise decision for you and for your business as well. In fact, start importing from China will be proved a grand success for you as the Chinese economy is rapidly growing and it will keep continuing it in the future.

This guide will help you to understand the reasons for growing the need for dietary food supplements in Asia. Moreover, you will also know which are the top Nutri brands of China in 2021.

So, let’s start reading!

5 most important facts about the growing nutrition supplement market in China

During the last few years, the nutrition import from China has much increased. Basically, there is a big reason behind it as you can notice there is a huge growth in the health supplement market of China.

You will also notice this positive growth in several other Asian countries, Vietnam, for example.

The 5 most important facts for this beneficial addition of Nutri supplement are:

Need of health supplements for a healthy lifestyle.

Basically, several Asian countries including China have serious issues with air pollution and food quality. So, in such countries, expert physicians give incentives to their people to use dietary health supplements for a healthy lifestyle.

Hence, in these countries, people increasingly spend much more money to purchase reliable health supplements.

Royal way of lifestyle:

Today, as middle-class families also have become wealthier so they have started to pay deep attention to their overall fitness and health. Further, they also love to appreciate adopting reliable dietary supplements for their personal care as well as purchase all other necessary equipment for maintaining their fitness.

Hence, the nutrition import business in China and all other Asian countries will be a safe investment for you.

Because of an aging population:

In fact, in China, there is a big population of aging people. So, they prefer to use Nutri supplements to keep themselves healthy and active.

This is also a big fact to increase the demand for health supplements not only in China but also in many other developed countries.

Media awareness:

Nowadays because of digital media awareness, there is a huge awareness about nutrition products. Moreover, this awareness also has increased the overall usage of Nutri foods and supplements all over the world.

An extreme appreciation of a Western lifestyle:

Recently, it has become a trend to use foreign products as well as to follow the Western lifestyle in the whole world.

Further, the reason behind this is also the presence of internet services. Moreover, people can easily order and get a box full of vitamins and dietary foods from any country in comparison to a decade ago.

Which kind of nutrition import can you from China?

There are several types of nutrition supplements on the Chinese market. So, first of all, you will have to know which kind of nutrition supplement you are going to import from China.

Here is a list of different types of nutrition import for you. Read this list carefully in order to select your targeted importing Nutri product.

  • Herbs
  • Minerals
  • Vitamins
  • Food additives
  • Protein
  • Dietary substances
  • Acids, etc.

Which biosecurity requirements need for a successful nutrition import?

Do you really want to import the Nutri supplements from China?

Essentially, you will have to deeply know the following biosecurity requirements such as;

  1. Must achieve a legal import permit for legally importing nutrition supplements.
  2. Make sure that you have covered all products by an import health standard (IHS).
  3. Strictly follow and obey all of the requirements of the HIS.
  4. Make sure to arrange manufacturers' treatment or declarations certificates if needed.
  5. If there is a need then you should necessarily book a transitional facility.

Why ingredient checking is necessary for nutrition import?

If you have decided to nutrition import from China then it is necessary for you to properly check all the ingredients of a food supplement. Moreover, you should also deeply examine the ingredient list for non-permitted ingredients.


It is also your right to check the certifications that are needed to use any non-permitted color or ingredient in a dietary supplement.

Since you are importing Chinese Nutri products to ideally maintaining your business so you will have to pay great attention to all important aspects for the satisfaction of your customers.

The necessary elements for a label format of nutrition import products

All the nutrition products that you are going to import from China must have a proper label format. In fact, it highly important for any dietary supplement because people always check the quantity of all ingredients before purchasing it.

The label format must include the following information such as;

  • All Facts of Supplement
  • detail list of ingredients
  • Net quantity of all included ingredients
  • A proper statement of product identity
  • the name of the country of origin
    nutrition import 2021

Additionally, there must be the complete name and address of the manufacturer, packer as well as distributor that finally delivers the product to you.

What are the popular supplement manufacturers in China?

If you are going to nutrition import from China then it is necessary for you to know about the popular and reliable supplement manufacturers of China.

Moreover, it will greatly help you to choose a suitable supplement manufacturer for a successful supplement business. But we have actually not any type of profit relationship with these Chinese supplement manufacturers.

We have listed their names just because they are perfectly reliable for the overall capabilities of their products. Their companies are totally certified as well as they have a long history of success.

Let’s check out this list of the top 7 popular supplement manufacturers in China

  1. Zhejiang Tianhecheng Biotechnology Shares
  2. Naturalin Bio-Resources
  3. Beijing Gingko Group
  4. Nutritech Asia Group
  5. Jiangyin Tianjiang Pharmaceutical
  6. BannerBio Nutraceuticals
  7. Baotou Dongbao Biotechnology.

These Chinese manufacturers are the most popular Nutri brands of China so you can easily nutrition import from these manufacturers. Further, they ideally produce

  • micro-particles
  • micro-powders
  • as well as all types of liquid vitamins

that people love to take as their dietary supplement.

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