How to use silicone cleansing brush effectively? Beginner Guide

Every girl knows: clean skin is healthy skin

silicone cleansing brush

However, the daily and seemingly simple facial cleansing procedure has its nuances. Which cleanser should you choose? And how many of these products should be on the shelf with cosmetics?

How to cleanse your skin so as not to harm it? Cosmetologists provide simple guidelines to help preserve youthfulness and the natural radiance of the skin. For having clean and clear skin use a silicone cleansing brush.

Cleansing Properly: Five Steps to Clear, Healthy Skin

  • We cleanse the skin twice a day:

It is recommended to wash your face twice a day ( one time in the morning and one in the evening. These are accustomed to cleansing face with unique products only in the evening. When it is necessary to get rid of dust and other impurities, as well as wash off makeup

It is not right to wash face at night; our sebaceous glands do not sleep. Instead, they work and produce substances that clog the pores. Therefore, in the morning, use a silicone cleansing brush. Tonic is the as necessary procedure in the evening also.

Washing your face is not enough: Use silicone cleansing brush

Washing your face with running water, even with soap, will not effectively cleanse your face, and here's why. First, there are many impurities in tap water that will settle on your skin after washing.

Secondly, ordinary soap forms an alkaline environment on the skin, and alkali causes dryness and, as a result, premature wrinkles. What to do? Wash with boiled or filtered water, wash gel or silicone cleansing brush with the correct acidity level. And, of course, do not forget about the subsequent application of the cream.

  • Toning is an essential step in cleansing.

The girl applies the Amrita Revitalizing Tonic to the sponge. After using a silicone brush or gel wash, be sure to use a silicone brush. It removes dirt residues, closes pores, increases the effectiveness of day cream, moisturizes the skin, and normalizes ph-balance.

Silicone cleansing brush and exfoliation are not the same things.

Frequent use of the scrub will not cleanse the skin but only harm it, cause damage to the epidermis, which means irritation and inflammation. It is enough to apply the scrub once a week using a silicone cleansing brush. Our task is to cleanse the skin, not polish it deeply.

  • Choosing the proper cleansing cosmetics.

Give preference to gentle cleansers with a light texture - gels, foams, silicone brush on a natural basis without harsh chemical ingredients and fragrances.  As mentioned above, an essential step in cleansing your face is applying a tonic.

Choose a silicone brush that suits your skin type, pay attention to the composition - a large number of natural extracts and vitamins will positively affect the health and beauty of your skin.

A revitalizing facial silicone brush is an excellent solution to complete your facial cleansing procedure. It tightens pores, normalizes the acid-base balance of the skin, soothes and refreshes.

The bamboo extract included in the product improves skin elasticity, and raspberry extract has a slight whitening and rejuvenating effect. In addition, silicone cleansing brush perfectly copes with cleansing and makeup remover thanks to particular particles - micelles, which, as it were, attract impurities.

The best skin cleansing at home:(Just 10 minutes a week)

Everyone who is not lazy is now talking about the importance of cleansing. This process is undoubtedly necessary, but it includes many different means and takes a lot of time. Is it possible to save on cleansing time but not on the result? Easily!

Small pimples, blackheads, enlarged pores, oily sheen, uneven facial contours are all signs of contaminated skin. When these "troubles" appear, she simply shouts to you, asks for help.

And that doesn't mean just take off your makeup and wash your face. Such skin requires total cleansing. So help her using a silicone cleansing brush. It perfectly copes with cleansing and makeup remover thanks to fine particles - micelles, which, as it were, attract impurities. It's simple!
silicone face cleansing brush

Causes of skin pollution

Given ahead are some causes of skin pollution.

1-Skin silicone cleansing brush: Fast and effective

Not enough time for deep skin cleansing? Do you want to spend tons of money to get rid of blackheads? There are, of course, different types of cleansing procedures. But is it essential to do everything at once to see the result? No!

Even if you don't use makeup, many impurities accumulate on your skin every day - exhaust fumes, industrial emissions, dust particles - and this whole set clog pores.

How to fix skin cleansing issues?

By the end of the day, the amount of sebum secreted by the sebaceous ducts increases on the skin - this is a natural, nutritious cocktail for bacteria. No matter how well the hydrolipid barrier of the skin functions, it cannot cope with such a set of impurities day after day. Reduce this sebum using a silicone cleansing brush.

It perfectly copes with cleansing and makeup remover thanks to fine particles - micelles, which, as it were, attract impurities. Therefore, evening cleansing is a necessary ritual.

And it is all the more necessary if you are wearing makeup. Foundations, powders, blush left in the pores lead to blackheads, inflammation, and early wrinkles.

2-Step silicone cleansing brush

Competent cleansing consists of makeup remover and skin cleansing. If you've applied sunscreen, foundation, or cream powder to your skin, then the two-step cleanse a must-have evening routine.

During make-up removal, you remove decorative cosmetics using hydrophilic oil, silicone brush, and two-phase products, after which you cleanse the remaining pigment from the pores with the help of mild cleansers - foams, soft gels, milk, or cream.

A silicone cleansing brush is a hygienic brush. If you are not wearing makeup, then, of course, only one cleansing step is sufficient.

3-Improper use of silicone brushes and sponges

Reusable sponges, silicone brushes, and silicone brush heads must be washed thoroughly after each use—otherwise, the remnants of creams, cosmetics.

Sebum on them becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, and you risk getting acne, severe irritation, or allergies. You can't use them for years either. Washing accessories must be changed every 2-3 months.

And the most important thing is to rub the skin to a squeak and shine with a silicone brush is useless. It won't make it any cleaner. Thus, you simply damage the protective barrier that the skin needs to protect itself from external influences. So don’t have improper use of silicone cleansing brushes.

4-Cleansing without toning

Do you need toner after cleansing your skin? Definitely yes. Its main task is to restore the skin's normal pH. Even plain water reduces the acidity of the skin, let alone cleansers.

The standard environment for the skin is neutral or acidic, and if the pH rises, the skin becomes more vulnerable to bacteria that cause acne and pimples. Therefore, there is a simple rule: cleansed the skin - used a tonic.

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