How to remove dark circles with beauty apparatus?

How to get rid of age spots: the best proven ways

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The "spotted" model Adriana Lima conquered the world catwalks at one time and appeared on the covers of most glossy beauty apparatus publications. But in ordinary life, pigmentation is perceived not as a highlight or decoration, but as a disadvantage. And now for the good: you can get rid of stains. In the arsenal of doctors there are many ways that will erase the pigment once and for all.

Uncommon causes of dark circles under the eyes

The problem of dark circles and bags under the eyes is familiar to every second girl. What is the first thing we do when we face this disaster? That's right, we take concealer. The most responsible girls start going to bed earlier and prescribe a course of vitamins. But what if all these methods (concealer does not count) do not help, and the circles under the eyes continue to "shine", making you look like a sad panda?

It turns out that the causes of dark circles are much deeper than we thought. And sometimes vitamins, beauty apparatus and healthy sleep are not enough to get rid of them. Let's figure it out. Perhaps the reason you are suffering is on our list.

Random use of beauty apparatus

If you are the owner of dark or olive skin color, then genetically you are more inclined to the appearance of dark circles under the eyes. It's simple: your color type is characterized by a higher concentration of melanin, which leads to pigmentation in the form of shadows under the eyes.

But you don't have to put up with it! In dermatology, a special laser has been used for a long time, with which you can reduce pigmentation and get rid of dark circles under the eyes.

Sleep too long

You read everything correctly! Sleeping too long, as well as sleeping too short, is another cause of dark circles under the eyes. It turns out that while you sleep, oxygenated blood accumulates under your eyes, which creates the effect of bags. Try to sleep at least and no more than seven hours - this amount of sleep will ensure sufficient recovery for your body and help get rid of bags under the eyes.

Water and food consumption

Oddly enough, but the advice "drink more water" works here as well. Adequate amount of clean water helps to increase blood flow, which prevents the accumulation of blood under the eyes and puffiness in general. Try drinking eight glasses of water a day - and within a week you will notice visible changes.

Also, don't forget about foods rich in vitamin K: eggplants, beans, grapes and cucumbers. They strengthen the capillary walls and promote proper blood circulation. In this condition you won’t need beauty apparatus on regular basis.

Beauty apparatus treats facial Allergy

Who would have thought, seasonal allergens - like pollen, grass, and even dust - can also make dark circles worse. The fact is that inflammation in the sinuses increases the blood vessels around the eyes, which creates a bluish tinge.

Try to sleep with your head slightly elevated to help reduce fluid buildup around your eyes. Also get a humidifier to soothe swollen blood vessels and soothe irritation.

Your car

Car cleaning should not be neglected. Carpet and upholstery in a car is a great sanctuary for dust mites, mildew and dust. It can cause allergies, skin irritation, and of course, hateful bags under the eyes.


If you have a runny nose, then get ready that dark circles and bags under the eyes will be your main companions during illness. Unhealthy and intermittent sleep prevents the skin from resting and recovering enough, and primarily affects the skin around the eyes.

Moreover, the medicine prescribed by the doctor can "add fuel to the fire." These include vasodilators and drugs designed to lower high blood pressure. Not surprisingly, these pills work by dilating blood vessels and increasing blood flow throughout the body.

Cleansing too deep with beauty apparatus

If at the end of the day you diligently remove your makeup with micellar water, then stop. Roughly removing makeup from your eyelids can damage the blood vessels of the delicate skin around your eyes, which can lead to dark circles. So try not to rub your eyes too much and use only soft cotton pads or sponges to remove makeup.

8 more habits that cause wrinkles

Each of us thinks about how to keep our skin young and elastic as long as possible. We spend a lot of money on expensive care products and miracle creams, but we negate all efforts with our bad habits that accelerate the appearance of wrinkles.


If you want your skin to stay smooth for as long as possible, reconsider your beauty apparatus. Sometimes even minor changes can be beneficial. We've rounded up the 10 most common habits that can cause wrinkles.

Ignore SPF creams

This problem is especially relevant in the summer: yes, we know that you really love the sun, but your skin is not. The fact that active sun rays cause premature aging, we seem to be told from every iron, but for some reason we continue to ignore the use of cream with SPF protection.

You need it not only during your beach holiday, but also every day, even when you just go to work. Change your habit of using the same favorite cream all year round - your skin definitely needs SPF if the UV index is above 3.

You love gum

Fresh breath, as we remember from the advertising slogan, makes it easier to understand - and that's great. But if you have a habit of constantly chewing gum, then you are at risk. The endless movement of the jaw over time can cause the early appearance of nasolabial folds and wrinkles around the mouth.

Everything is simple here: if you often frown your forehead, then wrinkles appear on it, if you constantly chew, then the skin in the mouth area also stretches. Therefore, it is better to replace the gum with mint lozenges or hard candies.

Excessive love for beauty apparatus cleansing

Of course, there is nothing wrong with keeping your skin clean with beauty apparatus, especially if it is prone to oiliness and acne. But fans of cleansing, all kinds of scrubs, peels and washing brushes often go overboard. If you use high concentration exfoliators more than 2-3 times a week, it's time to stop.

With cosmetics, you violate the natural environment and ph of your skin. As a result, her immunity and resistance are reduced. Moreover, you yourself do not notice how dry your face is - and this is the number one reason when it comes to the appearance of wrinkles.

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Change your pillowcase too rarely

There is nothing criminal about changing your bedding once a week, but your pillowcase can be a source of danger - it accumulates the most bacteria on it, and that's half the trouble. Hairspray, any other styling product - all of this settles on the pillowcase during sleep.

It means it ends up on your face. And chemical elements affect the skin and cause aging. Get into a good beauty apparatus habit - change your pillowcase every 2-3 days.

You don't get enough sleep

Lack of sleep can cause a host of problems that you don't even know about. And one of them is premature aging. The fact is that when you do not have enough sleep, the body simply does not have time to recover - this also applies to skin cells. If you want to look stunning after 50 years, forget about midnight vigils - beauties must sleep at night!

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