How to learn advance rf beauty machine skills in quarantine?

What can a beautician do in quarantine?

Pandemic, new living conditions dictate new rules. In these rules, there is still no place for the work of cosmetologists and beauty salons. But do not despair! rf beauty machine offers you a great selection of ideas for things to do for your career while you have the time!

In just one month, our entire daily life underwent tremendous changes. The situation could not but affect the service sector: fitness clubs, beauty studios, and restaurants were gradually closed.

rf beauty machine

Roughly the same situation is now in all countries. Business owners suffer huge losses due to being banned from working. Honest but not good news: not everyone will survive.

How to spend quality time with rf beauty machine?

We all know about the main condition of modern life - not to leave the house unless absolutely necessary. It follows from this that it is impossible to receive clients either at home or in a closed salon. Make good use of this time. Sooner or later, everything ends, and we must be fully equipped for cosmetology. Staying in an apartment 24/7 is very relaxing, but nevertheless, be smart about it. Then you will definitely thank yourself for rf beauty machine.


But good news is indispensable. Salons and craftsmen who have managed to survive will have to work in new conditions. Whatever you say, there will be fewer competitors. Consumer demand is likely to creep down as well. But knowing Russian women, they will never give up taking care of themselves completely. Especially after such a pause!

Does saloon offer rf beauty machine services?

Many craftsmen and salons in the new conditions behave like a blueprint in the same way. They focus on social media, thinking it's their time. Instagram is overflowing with the same posts on the topic "Top facial treatments with rf beauty machine at home", "How to avoid going to the beautician", "Beauty life hacks", and so on and so forth.


Think about it - is it important? Is it really worth wasting your most precious resource - time? All social networks have long been full of doctors and beauty specialists who told and showed all the available life hacks. By doing so, you are simply blurring the distinction between you and the other masters in the eyes of potential clients. Plan only really useful information for your posts.

What do we have to do with rf beauty machine?
1. Count.
2. Plan.
3. Learn.
4. Show creativity.

Take a deep breath, sit back and start counting. Very often there is not enough time in the flow of clients to analyze the numbers. After all, this activity seems boring and uninteresting compared to the tempting prospect of accepting an additional client and getting paid for it. Open work records and calculate.

1. Amount of debts to suppliers of disposable products, materials, cosmetics. Here, probably, you don't even need to explain anything, because a professional regularly devotes time to this. Most likely, after the quarantine, the masters will be more careful in planning expenses.

What customers expect from a saloon with beauty machine?

  1. The number of rf beauty machineservices that clients have paid for but have not yet been performed by you. The girl paid for 10 face massage procedures, but she went through only two. Or someone has not started a subscription at all. Be prepared for the fact that customers will want to return the deposited funds due to an unstable situation.
  2. Prepare well for talking to landlords. It will not be possible to refer to the complexity of the situation for a long time, write down your losses in money as clearly as possible. Don't delay - start in the midst of financial losses.

Choose the most popular procedure

  1. List the top of the most popular procedures, and vice versa, the same with high-margin procedures. Conduct a detailed analysis. Perhaps you will come to disappointing conclusions. For example, no customer who went through one procedure bought the entire package. Why? Didn't consider the values, didn't notice the effect? How would you change this situation?

After a short pause, start planning

Missing beauty treatments of rf beauty machine after such a pause, women and girls will go to the masters on the very first day. Think of how you can raise the average visit check? Suggestions "1 + 1" will work very well.

For example, you know that the sugaring service will be in demand. Launch the action "When buying a subscription for depilation - eyebrow dyeing as a gift!" or even several. How will the promotion be distributed? Make an action plan and get ready. Perhaps you will need to hire a designer for a beautiful layout, or maybe order flyers.

How to handle clients at saloon?

Be sure to put everyone who writes to you on the waiting list! You shouldn't be scattered with clients. It is a huge mistake to answer in the style of "We are closed, we cannot write it down." You can! Talk to a potential client, find out his contact information and write it down so that you can understand in a month what he wanted and how urgent it is.

Otherwise, your tomorrow's clients will just smoothly move to where they will be courteous and attentive.

A beautician must study rf beauty machine facts

For a beautician, this is always relevant. The study never ends, because the industry is inventing more and more new methods to ensure that women remain well-groomed.

How many times have your clients asked you if you are doing sugaring? You said no, but deep down you knew for sure that since this service is so in demand, it is simply necessary to learn. That's just when ... Now!

Read rf beauty machine material

How many unread and even undiscovered books on cosmetology do you have on your shelf? Take them and take the time to read now. One cannot but agree that in the conditions of a round-the-clock stay Yes, in a state of vacation it is difficult to get off the couch and start developing, but you always need to remember that tomorrow depends on what you spend your time on today.

Explore new brands of cosmetics. Surely, most rf beauty machine companies hold online seminars where you can learn a lot, study and select new materials to try out for work.

Explore new advertising channels. There are a lot of ways. For instance:

Study bloggers considering trade exchange advertisements. Offer a series of good treatments that you have already done well for free in return for his recommendation to you. Share your offer without underestimating or exaggerating its value.

rf beauty machine 2021

Surely, there is a rf beauty machine blogger with his audience who can bring you several clients. 

  1. Talk to colleagues (not necessarily acquaintances) from related industries - hairdressing, manicure, pedicure, spa. Think over a joint action, advertising, and mailing. For example, clients of Alexandra, who makes wonderful haircuts, can go to your eyelash lamination with a 20% discount. And vice versa! Everyone will be in the black.

3. Improve your rf beauty machine offerings.

Gather your family, arrange a brainstorming session. How to attract new customers, or make your regular customers more often recommend you to their acquaintances? Free rf beauty machine service for someone who came on a recommendation? Or just a discount?


There are tons of options in quarantine for what to do. Remember, this is not a vacation at all! The deeper we fall into vacation mode and the further we put things off, the more difficult it will be for us after the end of isolation!

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