How does LED light therapy facial beauty machines work?

Reasons Behind LED Light Therapy Devices Popularity

LED light therapy facial beauty machines 2021

Nowadays LED light therapy facial beauty machines are getting extreme fame because they are highly beneficial for skin aging issues. Further, LED light therapy is considered one of the best therapies for different beauty treatments.

These LED beauty machines are actually multifunctional and can solve various skin problems at the same time. They are increasingly attracting the attention of clients as they are a better alternative than arranging an appointment with a professional dermatologist.

If you have still unaware of this LED technology and want to know are these machines really effective. Moreover, are all the claims that an LED facial beauty machine does, are true?

The most important thing, are they safe for your face as well as how many colors of LED facial devices use?

This guide will cater to you all facts that you actually want.

What is an LED light therapy facial beauty machine?

Essentially, an LED light therapy facial beauty machine works by using Light Emitting Diode or LED therapy.

In addition, it is an amazing skincare therapy that uses several different and special wavelengths of light. The devices that use LED technology can every skin problem such as;

  • various signs of aging
  • acne
  • wrinkles
  • skin inflammation
  • dark spots
  • redness
  • scarring and so on.

In fact, these facial beauty machines are very handy to operate so you can use them at home easily. It is also an ideal therapy for all types and colors of skin.

How many lights do LED light therapy facial beauty machines to use?

Basically, LED light facial beauty machines to use several different colors of lights that help treat different skin problems.

These different colors are:

  • red
  • blue
  • white

Each color has its own specific character to fight all skin issues.

Let’s read about these lights in detail!

 Red light therapy:

This light generally helps to promote the blood circulation of your face. The red light is helpful to treat the epidermis. Usually, the epidermis deeply absorbs this light and not only helps to stimulate collagen proteins but increases circulation.


Hence, you will get an instant healthier glow as well as will receive smoother and fuller skin.

How often should you use red light LED therapy?

Virtually, red light LED therapy is highly effective for your skin if you continue this treatment regularly. Further, all professional dermatologists recommend it to use for 2-3 treatments per week.

Blue light therapy:

The LED light therapy facial beauty machine that uses blue light therapy actually kills all harmful bacteria in your skin. Moreover, it also targets the sebaceous glands of your skin that cause acne and oily skin.

Essentially, when blue light targets the oil glands inside your skin, it helps to make them less active. Hence, it kills all bacteria that cause acne and pimples.

How often should you use blue light LED therapy?

It is entirely safe to use so you can use it at your home or you can also use it in a dermatologist's office. It depends on your choice but you will continue it 8 times over a 4-week period.

However, each session of the treatment lasts for 15-30 minutes only. But it mostly depends on the severity of your skin problems that how much time will be suitable for you.

White light therapy:

The white color LED therapy perfectly helps to reduce the inflammation in your skin. Further, this LED light therapy facial beauty machine is also beneficial to tighten your skin tissues.

So, by using white light therapy, you will get smooth and tight skin that is wrinkle-free. It can heal all the acne scars on your face as well as can turn back your skin's clock.

How often should you use white light LED therapy?

As white light therapy includes all colors of LED lights so it is an ideal therapy to use five times per week. We are sure that you will see some good results, good changes in your skin complexion, and several other skin problems.

Amber light therapy:

This is also called orange or yellow light therapy. It is a drug-free alternative treatment for several skin issues such as;

  • UV radiation damage,
  • skin flushing, and redness.

Additionally, the LED light therapy facial beauty machine that uses this therapy also helps to reduce the appearance of the tiny blood vessels on your face and nose. It also beneficial to perfectly stimulate the collagen in your skin and increases your skin elasticity.

It generally hydrates and protects the epidermis of your skin.

How often should you use amber light LED therapy?

You will use this therapy for up to 10 weeks, then only once every few months. This therapy gives you radiant and healthier-looking skin at your home.

LED light therapy facial beauty machines

Greenlight LED therapy:

The green light is also greatly effective for several aging issues. The green light LED therapy has a deeply calming effect on your skin. It deeply absorbs into your skin to fight hyper-pigmentation.

In addition, LED light therapy facial beauty machines with a green line magically disappear hyper-pigmentation spots as well as gives you a brighter complexion. The green light LED therapy also has anti-inflammatory properties that can totally soothe the surface of your skin.

How often should you use green light LED therapy?

Expert dermatologists suggest that you should use green light therapy once per week for several weeks. But then you must drop down it to one every few months for maintenance its amazing results on your skin.

Are LED light therapy facial beauty machines safe?

Are you hesitating to use LED light facial beauty machines that use several colors of lights for treating your skin? But you don't need to hesitate for using such portable electronic instruments as they are safe.

However, you should use them by following all instructions properly as it doesn't mean that these color therapies are risk-free.


All and all, LED light therapy facial beauty machines that use different colors really worth buying. In addition, they can provide you brighter, younger, and wrinkle-free skin without any extra effort.

All colors of therapies fight different skin problems. Since they are user-friendly so you can use them whenever you feel comfortable at your home.

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