Five Facial Cleansing Do's and Don'ts You Must Know

Cleansing Tips And Tricks

Cleansing is one of the most effective components of skincare. The application of a good moisturizer or makeup product requires a cleansed face. The primary function is to remove dirt, excess oil, and other contaminants from the skin. Moreover, the dirt clogs the skin pores, making it difficult for the skin to breathe. Sometimes we want our skin to be fresh and free, and cleansing using different beauty equipment plays an important role in achieving that.

Most people do cleanse their faces, but they are not aware of the right tips. Cleansing has some dos and don'ts, and one must consider following them for effective results. This article discusses those dos and don'ts of cleansing.

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Skin is the outermost largest organ of the body, and therefore it bears the effect of harmful and unhealthy exposure to the environment. The harmful ultraviolet or the UV rays from the sun, or polluted atmosphere, heat, and other environmental factors contribute to many skin problems like acne, dark spots, wrinkles. Moreover, collagen production reduces as people grow older.


Consequently, the skin becomes loose and saggy. So good skincare is sufficient to reduce the impact of all these contributing factors. Skincare varies from taking a healthy diet and using the latest technologies to enhance collagen production and use the right skincare products on the outer skin.

Cleansing Or Face washing?

People mostly think that washing their face twice or thrice may be, helps to cleanse the face. But in actual practice accompanying cleansing with a good quality face wash results in more effective pores' cleaning.  The cleanser helps to remove excess oil, dirt, and makeup more effectively than a face wash.

On the other hand, the face wash has the foaming ability, and face requires washing using face wash at least twice a day. In contrast, the use of cleanser depends on exposure to the environment. For instance, if you are an introvert who mostly spend their day at homes, you do not need to wash your face twice or thrice daily using a cleanser. However, cleaners are more gentle and soft and more effective compared to face wash.


Who does not want to have an all-time clean and refreshed skin? The exposure to a harsh environment leaves the skin with dirt and excessive oil, and most of the time skins own sebaceous glands secretes sebum. Moreover, using makeup, sunscreens, and other cosmetic products on The skin can result in pores' clogging, refraining the skin from breathing freely.

So skin needs good skin care to deal with these problems, and the first step to attaining good skincare is to start with a cleansed face. Mostly, dermatologists and skin specialists recommend applying moisturizers, toners, and anti-aging serums after cleaning the skin using a good quality cleanser.

Do And Don'ts Of Cleansing

It does not matter how effective cleansing is for the skin; proper care and cleaning tips are necessary to attain satisfactory results. Below mentioned are the five dos and don'ts of cleansing.

Do Choose A Cleanser That Best Fits Your Skin Type

Nature has blessed everyone with different and unique skin. Some people have dry skin, while some have incredibly oily skin, others have moderate. So a cleanser that suits dry skin might not be suitable for oily skin or vice versa. Other than skin types. Most people are prone to acne, while others are immune to it.

So one must choose an appropriate cleanser according to their skin type. Moreover, the age factor also requires consideration. Mostly cleaners carry prescriptions if they are not suitable for a particular age group.

Do Perform Post-Cleansing Rituals

After proper cleansing of the skin, one should use a good quality toner and moisturizer. After deep cleansing, the skin loses its moisture and becomes extremely dry. This dryness might have an adverse on the skin as the skin becomes dehydrated and thus tightens up. So to retain the moisture of the skin, one must perform the post-cleansing skincare methods. Moreover, one must consider not using the cleanser that contains surfactant- the ingredient that cuts the oil from the skin, hence eradicating the moisture. They might result in harsh and tightened skin. So a sulfate-free cleanser is preferable, and the use of good quality moisturizer and toner is a must.

Do Change Your Cleanser Every Season

It's great if you have found the right cleanser that suits your skin. But as the weather changes, one must consider changing the cleanser as well. A cleanser working effectively on the skin during summers may not have the same efficiency in winters as moisture reduces during cold.

Some cleansers are lotion-based that are perfect for use on dry winter days. In comparison, most of the cleansers contain gel and form foam. These foam producing cleansers are suitable for use on dry and humid summer days. Moreover, using the same ingredients for a longer span can reduce its effect on the skin. So one must consider changing skincare routine with the season.

Don't Wash Face With Hot Water

Most people consider using hot water as they think hot water helps unclog the pores, thus cleaning them intensely. Moreover, hot water gives a warm feeling, so people feel relaxed. However, water having a higher temperature can have a drastic impact on moisture, leaving dry and tight skin.

This reduction in moisture can also cause inflammation and redness. Experts recommend using lukewarm water throughout the cleansing process as it enhances the cleanser's ability more effectively. Experts also suggest washing the face with cold water at the end of the cleansing process as it helps stimulate circulation and reduces puffiness.

Don't Be Harsh To Your Skin

When it comes to effective skincare, the most crucial factor is to treat your skin gently. Don't be harsh with the strokes. Use the tip of your fingers to massage the cleanser on your face in circular motion gently. Most people are impatient, and they want immediate results.

So they hasten up and wash the face after quickly rubbing the face. One must be kind and gentle to the skin; after getting done with the treatment, don't rush to dry it quickly using towels. Try pat dry the skin. Also, cleaners must not be used more than twice a day.



To sum up the discussion, cleansing is a vital skincare factor that enhances different skincare techniques. The skin carries dirt and oil that clogs the pores, thus refraining the skin to breathe freely. Cleansing plays a role in removing dirt and other contaminants. But specific tips need consideration for useful results because sometimes doing the right thing in the wrong ways can result contrary to expectations.

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