How To Do Facial Massage Cleansing with the Right Equipment at Home?

Facial Massage Cleansing: How to Pamper Yourself at Home?

Facial massage cleansing is a skincare technique that finds its roots in ancient times. This technique has evolved a lot since then, yet it claims to have some of its ancestors' benefits. And now, partnered with modern science, facial massages have even more scientifically-proven benefits.

A survey shows that more than 3 million Americans got facial massages or similar treatments four times in just one year. Now, if three million people are getting something more than a couple of times in just a year, it ought to be something worthwhile.

Facial massage cleansing

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What Is Facial Massage Cleansing?

Rubbing any skin area using a lubricant, such as a moisturizer or oil, gently or applying comfortable pressure in a particular motion is called a massage. Facial massage cleansing involves rubbing facial skin in a specific motion while applying moderate or slight pressure.

This skin rejuvenation technique is as old as that sock in your laundry basket, or maybe not that old. Jokes aside, the facial massage technique has been in service for hundreds of years.

With the progress of science and the development of technology, the types of facial massages have multiplied. Thus, the once-simple facial massage now comes in various types, each one fulfilling a different purpose.

Moreover, cosmetics, like every other field, have integrated cutting-edge technologies with their techniques. Therefore, many modern gadgets and equipment now support facial massage cleansing and enhance a regular facial massage.

Benefits of Facial Massage Cleansing

Facial massages have numerous anecdotal and scientifically proven benefits. From enhancing blood circulation to relieving stress, here are some of the services you get out of a straightforward massage.

Improves Blood Circulation

When a facialist rubs your facial skin with slight pressure in a particular motion, it stimulates blood circulation in your facial region. When blood reaches more areas of your skin, it replenishes them with the oxygen and nutrients it carries. This replenishment ultimately results in glowing, fresher looking skin.

Enhances the Removal of Toxins from Your Skin.

Our facial skin accumulates lots of toxins over time. And if not stimulated, these toxins make our skin appear swelled-up and pale. This accumulation of toxins gives us a dull complexion and strips our face of its liveliness.

Facial massage cleansing, if done right, massages your lymph nodes and stimulates the lymphatic system. A properly functioning lymphatic system then efficiently flushes out the piled-up toxins and gives you a smooth complexion. Thus, taking away some of the swellings and making your face look more contoured.

Facial Massages are Major Stress Relievers

Even the idea of having a nice long facial massage seems dreamy, no? Imagine what an actual massage would do for you. Like all other muscles of our body, facial muscles undergo a lot of stress as well. And when this stress is left unreleased, it becomes apparent on our face in the form of lines and wrinkles.

Facial massages are proven to be effective stress busters. When done correctly, they release all the stress that your facial muscles bear and leave you with a rejuvenated and ‘happier’ skin.

Reduces the Sagginess of facial skin.

Since facial massages increase blood flow in the facial tissues, they may also increase collagen production. Collagen is a type of protein that grants to your skin its youthful firmness and elasticity. Thus, with increased collagen production, a facial massage may also take some years away from your face making your skin look firm and you looking young.

The Right Equipment for Facial Cleansing Massage

When you think of a massage, you imagine lubricated fingers rubbing against your skin. However, a facial massage that yields better results involves more than just oil-dipped fingers.

A Facial Steamer

When you steam your face, it opens up clogged pores on your skin, thus aiding in the dirt and grime removal process. Hence, most beauty experts recommend getting nice steam before proceeding with the rest of your facial steps.

A Facial Cleanser

Do you think an artist would ever start painting on a dirty canvas? No. Then why would you start your facial massage on a dirty face?

Therefore, facial cleanser might be essential for facial massage cleansing. A gentle facial cleanser removes all the dirt and oil present on your face so that you can start massaging on clean skin.

A Moisturizer

No one likes the idea of dry fingers dragging against your skin, pulling, and irritating it in their wake. And that’s what a ‘facial’ would be without a moisturizer. Therefore, a moisturizer or lubricant is the most critical equipment for a facial massage cleansing.

Face Massage Tools

There are many tools like a facial roller that help you massage your face in this modern era. Facial rollers improve the results of a regular facial by enhancing the blood circulation in your facial tissues.

How to Do Facial Massage Cleansing at Home?

Now that you know the right equipment for a facial massage cleansing, you can easily pamper yourself with a professional facial massage by following a few easy steps and saving yourself some big dollars.

Step 1: Wash Your Hands

First, wash your hands thoroughly and pull back your hair to keep them away from your face.

Step 2: Steaming and Cleansing

Next, if you wish to get a deep cleansing facial massage, turn on your facial steamer and steam your face for a few minutes. Then wash your face with a gentle facial cleanser to remove all the excess oil and dirt.

However, some people may recommend washing the face first, then steaming it. We suggest you give both methods a shot and do what works best for you.

Facial Cleaner

Step 4: The Facial

Now squeeze out your favorite moisturizer or facial oil on your fingers. Rug your fingers together and spread the product all over your face.

Pick up your facial roller and, with slight pressure, start rolling from your chin out towards your forehead. Although, for acne-prone skin, avoid pressure and roll out very gently.

Then move upwards and from the corner of your mouth, roll the facial roller out towards your ears.

Target the center facial region next by moving your facial roller out from the center of your face right to your forehead in one smooth stroke.

Gently press the roller on your brow bone and massage outward. Then place the roller between the two brows and roll up and out toward the sides of your forehead.

Step 5: Massage your Undereye Area

Make sure to use an undereye-roller for the sensitive skin under your eyes. Use a lighter oil or a good quality eye cream while working on this area.

Step 6: Don’t forget your neck!

Gently massage your neck with the same moisturizer you’ve been using on your face and rub it in gentle upward strokes.

Keep massaging each section of your face for 10-15 strokes.

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More than 50% of Americans said they would consider getting skincare or facial equipment if they were looking to buy at-home health care products.

There is now a wide variety of equipment in the market that has made getting a professional facial massage at home more doable. At JMuso, we sell some of the premium quality, state of the art facial cleaning products. You can quickly get all the products that facialists use for professional facial massage cleansing and, with the right strokes, get yourself a salon-like massage in a few simple steps.


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