Facial beauty instrument Guide: 100% Practical Tips for Skin Care

Beauty Guide: 6 Non-Obvious Skin Care Tips

Facial beauty instrument

Everyone already knows about "nourish and moisturize". But what should be the right facial beauty instrument? How can a dentist reduce wrinkles? And why support the bacteria that live on the skin? The answers are in these beauty rules.

Step 1. Drink water

Water gets to the skin on a residual basis, and even a small deficit of it will make itself felt. Here are the red flags:

  • a mesh of small wrinkles under the eyes and on the forehead (lines of dehydration)
  • dry lips
  • skin tightness during the day, despite the morning care applied
  • the foundation becomes visible by the middle of the day, because the moisture goes into the skin and only pigment remains
  • redness and flaking.

It will be most correct to calculate your water rate in an online calculator. Remember to make adjustments if you drink coffee and green tea, drink alcohol, breastfeed, and exercise actively, or live in a hot climate. All this can add up to a liter to the expected rate.

Step 2. Moisturize properly with facial beauty instrument

“Drank water and calmed down” is definitely not an option when it comes to skin health. And it is not enough to buy a cream with hyaluronic acid. The ingredient needs to be of different types.

Low molecular weight hyaluron, due to its tiny size, penetrates into the epidermis and retains moisture there. The medium molecular weight works like a filler. And the largest high molecular weight is retained on the surface, creating a protective film. A good product should contain all three types of this acid.

The creators of the facial beauty instrument approached the question responsibly and included 6 varieties of hyaluronic acid in the composition at once. In addition to those listed, these are:

Bio-form: it has a high bioavailability and is one hundred percent identical to that contained in our skin;

Stabilized form: "stitched" so that it is displayed longer and, accordingly, works;

Vector: penetrates deep into the skin, creates a "micro-mesh", providing an active lifting effect, improving the oval of the face.

Step 3. Eat more fat

A strict diet is a direct path to thin, dry skin. Fats are essential for the formation of cell membranes. They also protect from the external environment and participate in the synthesis of the sex hormone estrogen, which is responsible for skin hydration.

Of course, we are talking about the "right" fats contained in unrefined vegetable oil, fish and dairy products.

Step 4. Take care of the microbiome

Microorganisms living on the skin are a whole army of fighters against infections, pathogenic bacteria, fungi and parasites. At the slightest imbalance, the skin becomes very vulnerable o facial beauty instrument. It is not so difficult to break the balance: it is enough to bring the matter to dehydration or go too far with cleansing or cosmetics based on antibiotics.

To support the microbiome, we need pre- and probiotic products that will “populate” the skin with beneficial flora. Calm down: there are no living microorganisms in these creams, only fragments of their DNA structures.

Step 5. Go to the dentist on time

You have probably met people who already have pronounced nasolabial folds at the age of 25-35. Chances are good that the problem is not genetics or poor care, but the bite. An implant not placed in time, an uneven row of teeth and other violations can seriously change the appearance and even lead to a "floating" oval.

Step 6. Protect your face

Do not massage it too aggressively, do not rub your eyes, do not touch it with your hands 20 times a day.

Protect in frost and apply SPF if exposed to light for more than half an hour, even in winter.

Do not scrub until it squeaks, washing away both the good and the bad along the way.


Be consistent in facial beauty instrument.  If you take a line of one brand, be faithful to it, because the products of the same range reinforce each other. And don't rush things: if you are counting on a real effect, you will have to wait 2-3 weeks for the renewal processes in the skin to rebuild.

Towards Perfect Skin: A Step-by-Step facial beauty instrument Plan

Looking at the photographs of famous beauties, Hollywood actresses and top models, many have the impression that smooth skin was given to them from birth. But in reality it is daily work and continuous work. Where to start the path of transformation to perfect skin?

Facial beauty instrument 2021

Step # 1: facial beauty instrument cleansing

It's no secret that our skin is exposed to sunlight, cold and wind every day. In addition, city dust, makeup and other damaging factors can throw the skin out of balance. Neglecting facial beauty instrument cleansers is a major cause of clogged pores and irritation. Bacteria can enter the inflamed areas and multiply and cause serious infections.

Step # 2: facial beauty instrument toning

After cleansing the skin, the pores become smaller, which means they need to be protected. Toning comes to the rescue - tonics based on natural ingredients that restore the acid-base balance of the skin. By the way, after using the tonic, the creams are much better absorbed.

Step # 3: moisturize

The main sign of perfect skin is a high level of facial beauty instrument moisture. You need to start with a cleanser. Ideally, the composition should be based on vegetable oils. They help cleanse the skin without drying it out. A moisturizer should be matched to your skin type. Most often, patients turn to a beautician with the problem of choosing a care product.

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