Use the cleansing device correctly, clean your face thoroughly in three steps

Facial cleansing device is a very popular skin care device in recent years. Using it to clean the face saves trouble and can be washed particularly clean. However, many girls have certain misunderstandings about the way the cleansing device is used, which makes its efficacy greatly reduced. So, how do you use the cleansing device to wash your face correctly? Of the following three steps, none of them can be less.

The first step, do well ready to work of face

Before using the cleansing device, we need to wet the face with warm water. If we have enough time, we can also use a hot towel to warm the face. This will make the facial pores as relaxed as possible, which is conducive to more thorough cleansing. Remove dirt from deep pores. After it is done, apply an appropriate amount of facial cleanser with the palm of the palm, knead out the foam and spread it evenly on all parts of the face.

The second step, use the cleansing device to start washing your face

Wet the brush head of the cleansing instrument with water and adjust it to the appropriate cleansing mode, then use the brush head to clean the face in circular motions, moving while circularizing, in the order of cheeks, forehead, nose, and chin on both sides clean. The amount of oil around the forehead and nose is large, so the cleansing instrument can stay on these two parts for a while when cleaning.

The third step, cleansing instrument

Many people will ignore this step after using the cleansing device, which will easily cause bacteria to continue to multiply on the brush head. Not only will it not be able to thoroughly clean the skin when it is used again, it may also cause skin allergies. Therefore, after each use, be sure to remove the brush head immediately and rinse it off with clean water.

Therefore, if girls want to use the cleansing device more effectively, they must not be lazy. The above steps and details need to be done carefully.

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