5 Mistakes in Choosing Appropriate Beauty Equipments

Beauty Equipments
There are several beauty equipments that tone the face and help in the absorption of treat skin issues comprehensively! We've probably never cleaned our face well, rinsed it quickly in the shower, or went to bed with makeup on, although we know the benefits of proper cleansing.

This facial device is used with a conductive serum and is equipped with an anti-shock system: placed on the face it measures the resistance of the skin to electricity and regulates the power within the chosen intensity. I've been using it for a few months now and I'm happy with it!

Haste is bad counsel

If you are tired after a tiring day, you still shouldn't be quick when cleansing using beauty equipments. You shouldn't immediately give in to the urge to jump into bed and not clean your face properly. The skin will thank you later! Why not massage your face for a few seconds while you clean it? This will also help reduce the day's stress and sleep better.

You do not use appropriate beauty equipments

If we wash our face with water that is too hot, the skin capillaries can be damaged and the natural oils are washed away, making our skin susceptible to redness and dryness. The best way is to use lukewarm water. It is possible to moisten a cloth, squeeze it and gently press it on the face for a few seconds. This helps dissolve makeup and dirt before completely removing it with a cleanser.

You don't have the right beauty Equipment

Each person is different, that’s why need of beauty equipments is different. The harsh ingredients found in many cleansers can be responsible for a whole host of skin problems. Having a "clean" skin feeling is a sign that the skin's protective oils have been washed off by alcohol or sulfates. In this case, it is important and correct to switch to a more gentle facial cleanser.

Aggressive scrubs

Scrubs are good for the skin, as long as they are not done too often or with overly aggressive peeling products that can irritate or even damage the skin. Therefore, 2 in 1 products for daily use with an integrated peeling effect should be avoided. Once or twice a week, exfoliation is good for the skin, but no more.

Too many beauty equipments products

Are you thinking of a double cleaning? It's not a good idea! Don't be tempted to use too many facial cleansing beauty equipments. Common foaming cleansers and makeup removers often contain sulfates, alcohol and synthetic fragrances, which irritate the skin and lead to a perfect cleansing sensation but use a mild cleanser.

Having sensitive skin can be frustrating, so let's try to figure out what causes the problems. What can cause problems, intolerances or stress for one person can cause nothing to another and this makes it much more difficult to find a solution.

Some common factors that are known to cause skin problems

Learning what these factors are can help us discover the things that are most stressful to our skin. Let's now take a closer look at these factors.


Our skin also has the task of expelling, through an excretory system, the waste that our body absolutely does not need. What we eat, therefore, has a big impact on how our skin behaves. There are many known food intolerances, including dairy products, eggs or nuts. The list is almost endless. We recommend keeping a food diary along with beauty equipments.

Use Professional beauty equipments in Stress

If we are stressed or tired, our defenses are weakened and in turn can cause problems. The reason is that the hormones released by stress can slow down the functions of the skin. Permanent stress can therefore affect the skin barrier which becomes sensitive.

When stress is causing skin problems, you should actively seek ways to relax. Meditation, yoga, autogenic training, or just reading a good book with beauty equipments can lower your stress levels.


It would also be necessary to sleep as much as possible.


Hormonal fluctuations also affect skin health. For example, many women experience monthly relapses during their menstrual cycle. So it is important to pay attention to the administration of vitamin B-6 which can help regulate hormonal imbalances. (We recommend that you always consult a doctor.)

But there are many other factors that can upset the hormones. Lack of sleep and stress has already been addressed, but other health problems or the pill can play a significant role. If you think that disturbed hormone balance is responsible for your skin problems, you should speak to your GP.

Use Suitable beauty equipments in Harsh Environment

In winter there is cold air outside and extremely dry apartments, in summer the intense sun can dehydrate the skin and make it more susceptible to problems. Air pollution is never lacking, like daily dirt. Our skin partially protects us from all this but, unfortunately, it also absorbs all these things and needs beauty equipments.

Beauty Equipments 2021

An adaptation of the skincare routine to the respective season can help reduce the negative effects of environmental influences. In addition, you should always cleanse your complexion thoroughly in the evening, to free it of makeup residues and dirt.

Synthetic beauty products

Synthetic products that irritate the skin are often found in detergents, skincare products, cosmetics and clothing. The best precautionary measure is control. We always recommend that you get in the habit of checking INCI ingredient information on the back of products. This is the only way to know what to apply on our skin.


However, the skin can be irritated by any ingredient. This is why you need to use beauty equipments properly. Writing daily which products you use, when you have irritated skin or when rashes appear, can help you recognize any allergic agents and find solutions. Recognizing the triggers for which skin is allergic is not easy, but we hope to help you a little with this text.

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