Do you know how to care the skin at night

The first task of night skin care is to clean the skin with facial cleanser. The shielding function of the skin at night is relatively weakened, allowing more undesirable substances to take advantage of the deficiency. Therefore, before any care, the skin must be thoroughly cleaned. Before washing your face, use make-up remover oil to thoroughly clean the pores of makeup and dust, and then use facial cleanser to clean the entire face. Then use an exfoliating product to exfoliate the skin while gently massaging it to accelerate the blood circulation of the skin and remove the melanin on the skin surface. Because the skin comes into contact with a lot of dirt and garbage during the day, if you want to cleanse deeply, you need to use a facial cleanser that can deeply clean your skin through vibration.

Shrink pores and replenish moisture

After washing your face, use toner to quickly replenish moisture. Experts recommend using firming water for oily skin, toner for healthy skin, softening toner for dry skin, firming water for T-zone of mixed skin, and sensitive water and repairing water for sensitive skin. Toner is also called firming water, toner, etc. Its function is to clean again to restore the pH value of the skin surface, and to condition the stratum corneum to make the skin better absorb it.

Provide nutrients to the surface of the skin

Night mask has always been a powerful weapon for whitening and moisturizing. Nowadays, facial masks not only provide whitening effects, most of the whitening masks also have moisturizing, firming, and anti-aging effects, allowing whitening and moisturizing in one step. In order to better absorb the essence of the mask, you can use an ultrasonic phototherapy beauty instrument, the warm mode opens the pores, and the iontophoresis function effectively promotes skin absorption. The icy mode shrinks pores, and alternately hot and cold make the skin firmer, smoother and more elastic.

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