How to use blackhead remover equipment like professional?

blackhead remover
Blackhead remover
 is the best for removing blackheads and pimples by suction and is approved by dermatologists. Remove blackheads and pimples with ease leaving your skin clean and smooth. In addition, the device increases blood circulation to the skin of the face, stimulating cell renewal.

Instruction to use blackhead remover

  • Make sure your pores are completely open after a hot bath or exercise and keep your face moist;
  • A tip is to prepare the skin by using a cleansing milk;
  • Move the remover slowly along the skin;
  • Similarly, do not keep the blackhead removerin one place for a long time to avoid hurting your skin;
  • It can suck up relatively shallow fat, white spots, acnes and blackheads;
  • If a blackhead is too deep, a lotion for removal and suction is suggested;
  • Moreover, with a period of time (maximum two weeks) the blackheads that are deeper
  • will be out and will not leave scars;
  • In addition, after use, you can use cold water or lotion to reduce pores.

What is the benefit of blackhead remover?

If you follow beauty trends closely , you 've probably seen a blogger using a pink device with a silicone tip to remove blackheads from her skin . The accessory of Chinese origin fell in favor of influencers. With different brands, the device varies between R$50 and R$267. Blackhead remover usually comes with four mouthpieces and each one of them promotes a type of benefit for the skin.


The main advantage is the removal of cloves through suction. The smaller mouthpiece is used to suck out blackheads and pimples, the elliptical-shaped one tones the skin, and the crystal head exfoliates the complexion.

Why black heads appear?

Blackheads appear due to excessive accumulation of sebum or oil in the pores, leaving them clogged and leading to the development of blackheads, blackheads or pimples. This accumulation of oil eventually attracts bacteria that break it down, further irritating the skin and causing it to become inflamed.


This problem is typical of adolescence, as it is during this time that there is a greater production of hormones, which stimulate the production of fat by the sebaceous glands. However, blackheads and pimples can appear after the age of 30, in adulthood, due to genetic factors and can be treated with blackhead remover.

Most important steps to eliminate blackheads without leaving marks:

Cleanse the skin properly 

To start, you need to wash your face with warm water and liquid soap. In addition, a cotton pad soaked in micellar water can be applied to the skin to completely remove all dirt and excess oil from the skin.


Then apply an exfoliating product to the skin. In addition to the options found in markets and malls, you can prepare an excellent, all-natural, homemade exfoliant with the following recipe:


  • 1 spoon of cornmeal
  • 1 spoon of honey

Preparation mode

Just make a homogeneous mixture and then apply it to the nose and cheeks using a circular motion. This step is important to open pores and remove dead cells before using blackhead remover.

Blackhead extraction with blackhead remover


What you can do to remove blackheads that are deeper in the skin is to squeeze them with your fingers or a small blackhead tool. So that the skin does not become inflamed, take care to squeeze the blackheads from the nose using 2 cotton swabs, which should be pressed exactly to the side of each blackhead.

Other options are to use an electronic blackhead remover, tweezers, or blackhead or pimple remover that can be purchased over the internet, pharmacies, drug stores or beauty supply stores. Sooner or later, wrinkles appear on each of us. This does not mean that there is nothing we can do to protect ourselves. The question is: when and how many wrinkles will I get? We can cure them using blackhead remover.

The face changes with age

The older we get, the more our face changes. Each of us, in one way or another, has already experienced this. If we meet someone we haven't seen for years, the differences we will notice in their face will be very visible, sometimes even surprising. The changes occur over time as the musculature decreases, especially in the face.

Obviously, each of us notices the change in our face but, not having the personal image of our youth in our memory, the difference appears to us less. The first good news is that it is possible to delay or even partially prevent the appearance of wrinkles  by blackhead remover but, for this, it is necessary to take action in time and above all get off the couch of laziness!

What can be done concretely against wrinkles?

Physical exercise:

Our body like it or not, is always in motion, while we do not move the skin on our face; at most we use creams. Everything that applies to the body also applies to the face and, therefore, it would be useful to do specific gymnastics to stimulate the skin of the face. Regular facial gymnastics helps maintain a youthful face and fight wrinkles.


After the exercises, a massage would be perfect. On the market you can find special brushes that help stimulate lymphatic flow and help decongest the skin. We recommend the blackhead remover face brush. It cleans the pores, exfoliates and eliminates dead skin cells by performing a deep massage.
blackhead remover 2021


If done regularly, peeling helps the skin to renew itself by gently removing dead cells. Enzymatic peels are also very useful for the skin of the face.

Special masks and blackhead remover treatments:

Eliminate all symptoms of stress and dead cells with a weekly face mask! And if you want to pamper your skin, try something special, such as a tissue mask or refreshing eye pads!


To treat skin, the role of blackhead remover is very important. We can say buying this equipment will surely fix blackheads in couple of sessions.

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