5 Simple Steps to Choose the Best Mr Beauty Equipment

Mr Beauty Equipment

Equipment is one of the indispensable high-tech aesthetic equipment at Spas and Beauty Salons. But along with the development of technology, on the market today there are much different beauty equipment with different designs, origins and quality.

So choosing to buy the best beauty equipment suitable for the purpose, beauty facility is always a difficult question for investors.

To help Spa owners have experience when choosing to buy beauty equipment, through this article we will help you answer questions when choosing beauty equipment. Specifically, we will evaluate together to choose the best and most suitable device through the following 5 steps:


Why should learn about the application technology of beauty equipment?  Not to mention, customers now also have easy access to information about beauty services, quality, and technology. So we can say which technology to use in treatment, care.

And the application of high and latest technology is also a factor that customers perceive about the quality and professionalism of the beauty establishment.

Why people like Mr equipment?

Modern high technologies will often be favored by many customers; new technology will overcome the shortcomings of the old models, providing a better experience and higher treatment efficiency. Therefore, you should learn and update about the latest equipment in use in the market.


The lifetime of the pulse generator or the number of pulses warranted by the laser models depends on the rod emitting wavelength during the treatment. Of course, if the pulse runs out, you can completely replace the bulb. But certainly the effect will not be as good as the old ball. Each type of cosmetic beauty equipment will have a certain number of pulses. You can ask your sales consultant about this parameter.

Get Mr Beauty equipment with long life expectancy

You should buy beauty equipment with pulses of at least 1 million or more, so that you can use them for long-term treatment. Because on average if customers come to shoot skin rejuvenation or sell carbon charcoal. Then, on average, each shot takes about 300 pulses. So if you choose equipment with only a few hundred thousand pulses.

  • continuous operation with the device for more than 30 minutes is not important;
  • when carrying out the procedure in the bathroom, the humidity in the room should not exceed 85%;

Set decent budget to buy Spa equipment

Agree that depending on the investment budget for the equipment of each beauty facility, we can choose to buy different types of machines. But if possible, we recommend investing in crankshaft beauty equipment because crankshaft beauty equipment will have a much larger number of guaranteed pulses than wire beauty equipment. As a result, the time and efficiency of use will be longer and higher.

What is crankshaft equipment?

Crankshaft beauty equipment can also change the custom spot size from 1 to 10. While the wire beauty equipment is usually unchanged or available, there are only 2 or 3. It is recommended to use the crankshaft line; it is more convenient to use the treatment. Crankshaft equipment is also a device with a handle connected by joints to help the handle become lighter.


Power density helps to accurately assess the efficiency of the machine; power density testing can be conducted on test samples during machine testing. The energy density of the machine will help the treatment better. Irregular energy density can cause uneven pigmentation treatment.


To find out if the laser energy density is even, you can do it yourself or ask a professional. Use a Mr Beauty equipment to shoot up a word of black paper with the largest spot size. Then observe the splash left on the paper. If the firing point has a uniform circular shape, the resulting white color indicates a very even energy density and vice versa.


The large capacity of the machine means that the power generated by the machine is large and the treatment efficiency is higher. This test requires you to have expertise, and for new graduates, it is necessary to consult experts in the process of testing beauty equipment.

Check Mr Beauty equipment power:

Energy testing of equipment is easy to do using specialized energy measuring devices. Or you can also test yourself directly on the surface of your skin or on Demo samples.  When testing, you should leave it at low power with 1064nm wavelength to avoid possible damage.

For example with laser hair removal, test with increasing energy. The hairs on the surface of your skin are white that is the standard energy level to compare with the energy ranges of other machines.
Mr Beauty Equipment 2021

How to evaluate test results:

The basic assessment is as follows: If the equipment 1 when testing the energy level to make hair silver is 200mj. And the second machine, the silver point is 1200ml but the energy is 600-1500mj. You can evaluate by the following test:

  • The residual energy of machine 1 is 1000-200 = 800mj.
  • The residual energy of machine 2 is 1500- 1200 = 300mj.

Thus, the energy of machine 1 will be better than that of machine 2, although the energy level displayed on the screen of machine 2 is higher than that of machine 1.

Use of Mr Beauty equipment to remove birthmarks

In addition to the ability to treat all types of skin pigmentation, the equipment for melisma is also very good in removing birthmarks containing pigments such as: black, blue, blue, brown, red; Remove blackheads on eyebrows, lips, lip lines, eye contours, eyelids, muscles; Blackhead; Mole; Dark pigmented lesions.

Conclusion: Why Beauty equipment!

Combined with charcoal powder, the treatment tightens the pores, helps the skin to be bright and smooth, and rejuvenates the skin. Therefore, when investing in beauty equipment to treat melisma, spas and beauty salons can apply to develop more services. As a result, there will be more customers and effective business support, increased profits, and reduced machine costs.

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