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The 7 Must-Have Eye Care Equipment

Eye bags and dark circles are inevitable. Unless you can sleep for a reasonable number of hours every day. Or you have a magical elixir for your eyes; dark circles will grace your undereye area sooner or later. Thus, having a healthy eye care regime is essential for you to win against dark circles and swollen eye bags.

A routine of late nights and early mornings makes for a healthy environment for dark circles. Combined with pollution and days spent staring at the computer screen and nights passed by scrolling Instagram, eyebags and dark circles have taken up their place and are not ready to leave.

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Therefore, it has become imperative for most people to consider the best options available to lighten dark circles and drain-out under-eye bags. Because the first thing that most people notice about you is your eyes, so, better make them look good.

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What are the Most Suitable Eye Care Options?

The development of the perfect Eye care solution has been a focal point of many skincare experts. And in their efforts to help their customers fight this obnoxious issue, experts have devised many eye care creams and equipment.

Under Eye Cream

Undereye area consists of a thin, fragile layer of skin. Thus, it is susceptible and is often the first to show signs of increasing age and fatigue. Therefore, eye creams differ from face creams as they are gentle on the sensitive under-eye area.

If you search for the right eye care cream or serum, you will be overwhelmed by the number of options available. These creams work to moisturize the undereye area and replenish them with essential nutrients.

Electronic Eye Care Equipment

Gone are the days when people used to stand in front of the mirrors tapping their fingertips under their eyes to soothe the undereye area after a long day at work. Now, they have hand-held electronic massagers to do the job.

These electronic eye care equipment employ vibration, pulsation, hot and cold compress, or Radiofrequency. These technologies stimulate the lymphatic drainage system and increase collagen production in the skin's epidermis and dermis.

In this way, this equipment not only pushes back your swollen eye bags and lighten those demonic dark circles. But also smoothen fine lines and wrinkles with time.

Each of these products claims to be super-efficient in the treatment of undereye dark circles and bags. However, we think a balanced combination of eye care creams, eye massage equipment, and a healthy routine makes the perfect blend for a fresh and glowing, dark-circle free face.

The Best Eye Care Equipment

We can recommend you some good eye care creams but let's leave that to the dermatologists. Here, we talk about the second most important ingredient for the 'healthy eyes recipe,' aka the eye care equipment. Let's look at some of the best electronic eye care massagers to help you get rid of weary-looking and swollen eyes.

1.      Panasonic EH-SW50-P751 Eye Massager

The Panasonic eye massager covers your eyes like sunglasses and provides you with warm steam or a vibration massage. It comes with a heater and a steamer with 38° to 40° Celsius. The heated massage stimulates blood circulation while steam works to moisturize the skin and open clogged pores.

Its vibration massage has two modes; a soft-mode with a weak rhythm for you to enjoy a relaxing massage. And a strong mode with alternately strong and weak rhythm for a deep soothing massage.

2.      JMUSO Icy Skin Rejuvenation Blackhead Instrument

USO is a brand that incorporates technologically advanced research and development with skincare and brings its customers products that produce proven results. USO's Icy skin rejuvenation blackhead instrument is a three-in-one instrument with a blackhead suction head, hot compress, and cold compress.

The hot compress heats up to 42°C and regulates blood flow in the under-eye area while relieving eye fatigue. You can pair the hot compress with your favorite eye cream or serum. Apply it for sixty seconds to enjoy the product's deep penetration into your skin.

It's 10-15°C cold compress gently shrinks the dilated blood vessels in the undereye area and mitigates the eyes' puffiness.

3.      LANDWIND Iconic Eye Massager

LANDWIND's iconic eye massager is true to its name and is iconic because it is an FDA-approved eye care tool. It employs advanced micro-current technology and is works to restore skin's firmness and elasticity.

The Iconic eye care massager's 42°C thermal treatment enhances blood flow in the fragile undereye area. Moreover, it reduces dark circles and enhances the absorption of eye care products in the skin.

It uses high-frequency vibrations and gives you a relaxing eye massage. Vibrations are said to rebuild collagen; thus, you can get rid of dark circles and undereye wrinkles naturally with this iconic eye massager.

4.      JMUSO Ultrasonic Phototherapy Beauty Instrument

We couldn't help but add another one of JMUSO's skincare gadgets in our lift because this device is hard to miss with its Nine Nursing functions.

USO's ultrasonic phototherapy beauty instrument for eye care provides warm skin, cleansing, gentle eye care, nutrition import, red light rejuvenation, and blue-ray anti-acne treatment. But that's not it. It also gives a soothing 42°C peeling vibration massage, lifting, and firming treatment and works to fade fine lines.

If all these features weren't enough, this device also helps to absorb skincare products into your skin and increase their efficacy.

USO's ultrasonic phototherapy beauty instrument is beautifully designed and is available in three brilliant colors.

5.      Iris by Foreo Eye Massager

Swedish brand Foreo has combined the age-old lymphatic eye massage technique with 21st-century technology and has launched its Iris Eye Massager.

Foreo's Ophthalmologist-approved Iris eye massager utilizes Alternating T-sonic™ technology and works to diminish crow's feet, dark circles, and undereye bags. Moreover, with its unique motion, it improves the absorption of your eye serums into your skin.

Iris eye massager has two modes: a pure mode for a manual massage with a light tapping sensation and a spa-mode for a professional massage that combines tapping with gentle pulsation.

Foreo's eye care device is waterproof and rechargeable and claims to work through 50 uses in one charging.

6.      Moreslan Heated Sonic Massager

To help you eliminate dark circles, wrinkles, and fine lines, Moreslan's heated sonic eye care massager uses high-frequency micro-vibration and provides thermal massage.

It has an operating temperature of 42°C and enhances penetration of serums and creams deep into the skin by Iontophoresis. Its thermal massage feature stimulates blood flow and lifts and tightens skin.

7.      RENPHO Eye Massager with Heat

RENPHO eye massager, with its foldable design and increased portability, is perfect for people who travel a lot and love to take their skincare essentials with them.

RENPHO's eye massager incorporates kneading sensation with trigger point therapy, rhythmic percussion massaging, and oscillating pressure to give the best eye massage.

It has built-in heating pads that provide up to 42°C heat compress. In this way, it relieves eye fatigue, puffiness, and moisturizes the fragile undereye area.

In order to add to its benefits, it has a very sleek design and comes with speakers, and pre-recorded nature sounds to provide an in-depth relaxing massage. Don't like nature sounds? It also has Bluetooth so that you can play your favorite music.

Final Thought

Eye care equipment is gradually becoming a necessity in our skincare routine. With daily schedules getting tighter, no one has the time to come home and tap their fingers under their eyes to prevent dark circles. Therefore, electronic eye care equipment provides a quick fix to the undereye problem.

Paired with your favorite eye care creams, the equipment we have mentioned above can lighten dark circles and work to fade fine lines over time.

If you are looking for a device that provides hot and cold compress and can also remove your blackheads, consider USO's Icy skin rejuvenation blackhead instrument. However, if you travel often, you might want to look into buying RENPHO's eye massager.

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