7 Proven Benefits RF Equipment Provides To Face

RF equipment is a very popular service that no modern beauty salon can do without. With this procedure, you can achieve quite good results in just one session. Therefore, customers will return to the salon again and again to achieve an even better effect.

What is RF equipment lifting?

Radiofrequency lifting is a technique that can replace skin tightening plastic surgery. During this procedure, the skin is exposed to radio waves that heat it up and create controlled tissue damage. Due to this, the production of new collagen molecules is enhanced, which create the effect of skin tightening. It also improves blood circulation and the skin is saturated with oxygen.

RF equipment

RF-lifting performed on the RF equipment The KIM 8 6-in-1 apparatus can be carried out both on the body and on the face. Working out the face is effective in

  • wilting and sagging skin
  • flabby oval of the face due to excess subcutaneous fat
  • mimic wrinkles around the eyes, in the mouth and on the forehead
  • scars and acne
  • photoaging of the skin
  • Problems in other parts of the body that the machine can handle
  • excess body fat
  • cellulite
  • stretch marks
  • decreased skin elasticity

How much time is required for RF equipment?

To achieve visible and lasting results, it will take 6-12 procedures lasting 15-20 minutes. At the end of the course, the effect will not only persist for 2-3 years, but will gradually increase for the first six months. The technique is suitable for clients of any age and with any skin type, and the procedure itself is painless. After it, there are no bruises, swelling or other side effects.

 RF equipment can be combined with other cosmetic procedures

Since the technique is quite harmless, there are only a few general recommendations:


  • before the procedure, the client must remove jewelry and contact lenses
  • after the session, you need to avoid sunlight for 3 days and use SPF
  • on the day of the procedure, other cosmetic manipulations cannot be performed
  • after the session, do not expose the areas of the skin treated with RF equipmentto mechanical stress.

Advantages of the device 6 in 1 device KIM 8

This modern professional device is quite compact, but nevertheless allows you to work out a lot of different parts of the face and body. By acting on the skin with an electric current or an electric field, it is possible to improve its viscoelastic properties. The amount of hyaluronic acid in the skin increases, respectively, the overall hydration and elasticity of the skin improves.


The RF equipment manufactured by famous manufacturer is assembled from quality materials, which allows you to be sure of its long service life. The 6 in 1 KIM 8 is supplied with a 25 mm diameter handpiece. Its surface is flat and has special electrode protection. With the help of the maniple, it becomes possible to treat the delicate skin around the eyes and lips.

Is the use of RF equipment harmful or not?

Let's start with this question: How harmful can RF lifting be for the operator and the client? Many specialists do not want to work with such devices precisely because they consider them unsafe.

Where does this belief come from?

Most likely, because of the name itself - "radio frequency" or, as many people incorrectly say, "radio wave". It seems that the very word "radio wave" cannot be harmless. Many cosmetologists imagine how harmful RF equipment and radio waves hover in their office and have their destructive effect, but in fact this is not at all the case. Let's forget about the word "radio wave lifting", because it is simply not correct to pronounce it.

What is the difference?

First of all, the fact that the radio wave travels through the air. The most common examples of radio waves are what we encounter in our life every day, without thinking about the harm to our health - television, radio, mobile communications, home cordless phones.

The name RF equipment comes from the fact that the frequencies common in these procedures coincide with the same frequencies at which radio waves operate. But we are talking about exactly the coincidence in frequency. Almost any process has a frequency. We use the word frequency for a course of procedures, to take medications to denote the parameters of current, light, engine operation, and much more.

What are the effects of RF on technical devices?

Diathermy has been widely common in medicine for decades primarily in operating rooms and physiotherapy rooms. Thousands of healthcare professionals have worked with these devices for years. If there really was some harm from these procedures, we would have known about it for a long time. The effects of RF on technical devices - laptops, monitors, etc., were also not noticed.

If we consider the effect of RF equipment lifting on the operator, then even theoretically it is difficult to imagine any harm. As mentioned, in the RF procedure, energy flows between two electrodes.

The operator only holds the fully insulated handpiece in his hand and uses it to carry out the procedure. Therefore, do not be afraid of anything and work calmly. But it is better to put the mobile phone away.
RF equipment 2021

Monopolar or bipolar (tripolar, sixpolar)?

There are two main types of RF lifting devices - monopolar and bipolar. If you ask the seller of a monopolar system which one is better, then of course you will hear in response that, of course, monopolar. Most likely, the seller of the bipolar device will convince you otherwise. Anyone who offers Tripolar will say that only his RF equipment can give a good effect.


In modern world, you need latest methods to treat skin. There are various attacks our skin bear on daily basis. That is why it needs proper care too. For this purpose, the use of modern rf equipment is best. People use it in salons, and beauty spas. Now there are many clinic s too which are offering rf skin treatment.

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