10 Must Beauty Salon Equipment for Sale Items for Spa

Beauty salon equipment for sale
As the industry develops, the demand for beauty industry is also high. Today, we often hear a lot about laser technologies and bio-light therapies in cosmetology. One of the technologies mentioned a lot in hair removal and skin rejuvenation treatment is Beauty equipment that’s why people are searching from Google the beauty salon equipment for sale.

What is beauty salon equipment technology?

It can be said that beauty equipment is one of the most popular cosmetic technologies today. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light which uses a high-intensity light source emitted by the bulb through the filters at different levels in an extremely short time (from 1 to 30 milliseconds).

Just like the IPL laser uses a light source that heats and hits the target. However, unlike lasers, which use single bright and consistent light, IPL uses a beam of light with a broad spectrum from 400 to 1200 nm. Therefore, specialized filters can be used to filter out wavelength spectra. Therefore, IPL can be used as a substitute for many other beauty technologies.

What are the advantages of salon equipment technology?

Beauty salon equipment for sale has become a popular field of interest because of the outstanding advantages of high treatment efficiency, usually no side effects, no downtime.

The emitted high-intensity IPL light is absorbed by pigment granules in the epidermis of the skin. And then break these pigment particles into microscopic particles, which are destroyed by the body's macrophage system and excreted by the lymphatic route.

What does the basic spa equipment include?

As mentioned, to open a spa, basic spa equipment is an indispensable part. It includes a lot of products from small to large, from cheap to expensive. So what will the full set of basic spa equipment include? You can search for beauty salon equipment for sale from Google. Basically, a full package of spa equipment and supplies will include:

  • Spa bed, massage; Towels, bed sheets; Spa towels, spa clothes
  • Swivel chair for spa
  • Tool trolley
  • Tray, cup, bowl
  • Facial steamer
  • Steamer cabinet, stone steamer, massage stone set
  • Skin lamp, infrared lamp
  • Multi-function skin care machine
  • Lead suction machine, detox machine, acne suction machine
  • Biological light skin care spa equipment
  • Steamer, sauna, white bath

What are the applications of IPL technology?

IPL absorption targets include: blood vessels, melanocytes and hair follicles. Therefore, the application range of beauty salon equipment for sale is very large, of which the 5 most used applications in beauty are: Hair removal treatment; Treatment of capillary dilation; Clear acne, dark spots.

Helps skin rejuvenation through stimulating collagen regeneration, removing wrinkles; Improves skin pigmentation problems. Applications hair removal with Beauty equipment roots uses very common and safe hair removal technology, the most efficient on the market today.

What are the advantages of beauty technology?

The mechanism of hair removal of Beauty equipment is that the light beam affects the skin to be treated, the hair follicle necks and the melanocytes deep inside the skin, the targets absorb light and heat.  The nutrients that help hair growth are also inhibited and stopped producing. You can buy your own equipment by searching beauty salon equipment for sale.

Therefore, after hair removal with IPL technology, hair is very difficult to grow back. Salon equipment light simultaneously stimulates increased elasticity and collagen production making our skin brighter and smoother.

Is it good to use beauty equipment technology?

Beauty equipment is one of the most effective, safe and low-risk beauty technologies. However, like any beauty technology, we have some points to note before and after using Salon equipment technology.

Who should not take facial beauty equipment?

According to experts at Dermatological Research Foundation New Zealand (DNZT), before using IPL procedures to treat dermatological and cosmetic diseases, people should consult a doctor carefully.

Particularly, the following groups of people should not use Salon equipment:

  • People who are sensitive to light due to pathology
  • Hormonal disorders such as polycystic ovaries…;
  • Groups with keloid, tanned skin or just returned from the beach;
  • Are using local or systemic steroids, non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs;
  • Group with extremely dry skin, skin type VI;
  • People who are using a pacemaker;
  • Women who are pregnant and breastfeeding.

What should I pay attention to after facial treatment?

Unlike laser hair removal treatment technology, there are unwanted side effects and complications such as hyperpigmentation, loss of pigmentation, and red skin after treatment.

Beauty salon equipment for sale is an extremely safe beauty technology that does not take much time to recover after treatment.  After the beauty shot, our skin will have lesions; these lesions make the skin very sensitive to the sun and UV rays. Therefore, adequate skin care and sun protection will help the skin recover faster.
Beauty salon equipment for sale 2021

Thus, it seen that Beauty equipment is a very good hair removal technology. A clear proof of this is that now there are many beauty salons and skin care facilities that have been using Beauty equipment in their beauty treatments. The technology is good and the risk is low, but finding a reputable beauty facility, a skilled doctor and ensuring compliance with the instructions.

What do you know about cosmetics spa?

In recent years, cosmetic spa is a business market that interest and invested by many people. The appearance of more and more beauty spa centers and beauty salon equipment for sale reinforces the potential attraction of the beauty industry. Modern technology is always ahead of the general trend, investing in genuine aesthetic equipment with high applicability will be an effective assistant.

Basic beauty salon equipment for sale

Faced with the potential of the beauty market and the position of technology in brand competition, more and more spa equipment suppliers are springing up like mushrooms. Besides reputable centers that provide genuine and safe products for users, there are still fake addresses that provide poor quality products.


They are weak in terms of maintenance and warranty services, causing many centers to inspect beauty salons, spas lose money. Therefore, finding a unit that specializes in providing beauty salon equipment for sale is very important for spas or beauty centers.

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