How does beauty device factory revamp your skin?

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beauty device factory

Effective home skin care consists of several steps, one of which is the use of a beauty device factory. This cosmetic product allows you to quickly get the desired result: moisturize, soften the skin, even out its tone, tighten pores or make it fresher and more elastic. But this effect can only be obtained with the right choice of serum and its correct use.

What expectations will the beauty device factory meet?

The main goal of home care, in addition to treating and correcting existing problems, is prevention. And whey is exactly the product that helps to avoid many troubles in the future. For example, if you use a serum that stimulates skin regeneration, you can maintain the elastic properties of the skin.

In other words, maintain the density, firmness and freshness of the skin and delay the appearance of wrinkles.

If you yourself create conditions for the skin in which it can fully synthesize collagen and elastin, receive moisture, nutrition, oxygen, do not allow the metabolism and antioxidant system of the skin to “fall asleep” - believe me, this becomes noticeable pretty soon and not only to you.

Which is the most popular beauty device?

The most popular are beauty device factory serums with antioxidants, peptides and acids. Depending on the combination of these components, the product has one or another effect.

There are also serums designed to solve and prevent specific problems.

  1. Serums that stimulate skin regeneration
  2. Serums with a lifting effect for aging skin

The main biologically active components of such products are peptides aimed at reducing expression wrinkles, or collagen-stimulating peptides and antioxidants that help prevent cell lipid peroxidation and destruction of cell membranes. Such serums restore tone and density to aging skin, due to which a lifting effect is achieved.

Serums for oily and problem skin

It is important to understand that the final effect of using the serum should be assessed no earlier than in a month and a half. It is during this time that the skin will have time to completely renew itself and give a biological response to home care.

How to use beauty device factory serums correctly?

All beauty device factory serums have a cumulative, cumulative effect. Taking long breaks or using serums only once a day or even from time to time is ineffective. Only daily care gives the result.

Therefore, we recommend using all serums twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. But there are nuances to be aware of.

Much depends on the composition and purpose of a particular product, as well as on the personal characteristics of a person. For example, if you have a tendency to puffiness on your face, you should not use moisturizing serums in the evening before bed. Indeed, in this case, the puffiness on the face will manifest itself more strongly.

How to renew skin with beauty products?

But as a morning care, such products are perfect. In the evening, you can use another serum and work on solving another problem, for example, enlarged pores. Or stimulate skin regeneration, renewal and rejuvenation.

Serums with antioxidants, like other serums, are recommended to be used twice a day - in the morning and in the evening. But serum works especially actively during the day, since antioxidants act as filters for ultraviolet radiation. Therefore, do not forget to apply this beauty device factory serum in the morning.

Protect skin from photo damaging

Please note that it is required to protect the skin from photo damage all year round. Even on short winter days and cloudy weather, harmful UV radiation does not disappear. And it is photo aging that causes dry skin, wrinkles and pigmentation.

Having opened a tube or jar, many forget about it. But serums are active up to 12 months after opening. Then the product may begin to lose its properties. Write down the date you opened the serum. It is convenient to do this in a diary or a special application.

Serum should also be stored properly. See where your cosmetics are? If they are stored on a windowsill, in direct sunlight, or near radiators and heating devices, in a bathroom, where it is humid and warm, the components of the serum will break down faster.

Where to store beauty device factory?

Store your beauty device factory makeup in a cool, dark place. For example, you can use a handy plastic container that you can stow away in a dark wardrobe in your bedroom. And before you do your morning or evening home care session, you can easily get it.

Multifunctional beauty-tools now at the peak of popularity. Mary Kay Naturally ™ Stick and Oil are versatile products designed to help keep lips, face, hair tips, cuticles and other areas of the body looking healthy and hydrated. Find out how to use these products in your daily skin care and makeup.


Winter make-up base

Apply wax to your face before going out for a walk in frosty and windy weather, and you will avoid the appearance of micro cracks and frost-dried skin.

How to use?

warm a small amount of wax in your palms. Then, with light patting movements, apply the product all over the face. The wax components form a protective film on the face and prevent moisture from evaporating.

Important! To protect the skin during the cold season, the stick and oil can be applied to all skin types. For a damp glow in everyday makeup, we recommend using products for normal to dry skin.

Life hack with Backstage

Professional make-up artists actively use cosmetic oil for the skin as a primer for makeup - as a 2-in-1 product for skin care and as a base to match.

Wet look

Ideal makeup option for dry skin. Moisturize your face and eye area. Apply CC cream with SPF 15as a basis. Then apply wax with a hammering motion directly from the stick to the cheekbones, bridge of the nose, the middle of the forehead and the contour of the lips. Blush mixed hand with beauty device factory and apply to cheeks and lips. Thanks to the base of a mixture of waxes, the blush lasts longer and does not smudge the tone.

The brows shouldn't be lost against the background of the entire face, so highlight them and style them with wax. The wax will give your brows a subtle natural shine. Avoid using glittery eye shadows and heavy-textured lipstick - this can overwhelm the look with a slightly wet glow.

Eyebrow beauty device factory

Wax will help to style the hairs in one direction and fix the shape of the eyebrows all day long. Unlike gels, it not only helps to maintain the desired shape of the eyebrows, but also looks as natural on the face as possible.

Use wax as a base for applying eyebrow shadow, or use eye shadow or an eyebrow pencil first, and then fix the result with wax.

beauty device factory 2021

Lip contour

The wax will preserve the definition of the lip contour; protect the makeup from water and sweat. Apply wax along the contour of the lips with a hammering motion. Next, correct the contour with a lip pencil and apply lipstick or gloss.

Cuticle Care


Oil and wax beauty device factory can be used to care for the cuticle. The main advantages: ease of application and economical consumption. Apply as needed, rubbing gently into the skin.

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