Anti-wrinkle Ice for Rejuvenation, Recipes, Home Procedures

In beauty salons, women are offered dozens of various procedures to rejuvenate the skin of the face, eliminate wrinkles and visible defects. Cryotherapy is widely popular - the effect of cold on the skin. At home, you can partially replace cryotherapy using ice for the face. It is used for wiping and for massage, with its help you can noticeably improve the condition of the skin of any type, effectively fight wrinkles.

The benefits and harms of ice

Ice as a means of improving the condition of the skin, women learned to use hundreds of years ago. Its low temperature effectively improves blood microcirculation in small vessels located in the dermis. This happens due to the accelerated vasoconstriction during the therapy session and their rapid expansion at the end. It is the increased blood circulation and the saturation of the skin with moisture that explains all the positive properties of ice therapy.

Ice therapy promotes:

  • Improving skin tone;
  • Strengthening the walls of small capillaries;
  • Moisturizing;
  • Reducing puffiness;
  • Enhancing collagen production;
  • Improving the processes of cell regeneration;
  • Reducing the appearance of wrinkles.

Due to the above changes, under the influence of ice, the skin of the face becomes softer, denser and more elastic, dark circles under the eyes disappear, fine wrinkles are smoothed out. The addition of herbal decoctions and a number of other natural additives to the water before freezing enhances the usefulness of the procedure.

Depending on the components, ice can saturate the skin with microelements, whiten age spots and freckles, remove inflammation in the form of acne and acne; the procedure is often prescribed after filling.


Benefits of ice for dry and oily skin

The effect of the ice procedure on the face also depends on the skin type. With increased dryness of the epidermis as a result of the session, the intercellular spaces will be saturated with moisture, due to which the skin will become silky to the touch and elastic, wrinkles will become less noticeable. The use of an ice cocktail with fruit and vegetable juices, herbal decoctions, tea extract will increase the saturation of the dermis with nutrients and microelements.

Self-prepared ice can be used to treat wrinkles around the eyes, because the main problem of their appearance in this area of the face is associated precisely with a lack of moisture.

For oily skin, the procedure will narrow the sebaceous glands. And this, in turn, reduces the production of sebum, under the influence of which the unhealthy shine on the face increases, acne and blackheads appear.

Is ice harm to the face possible?

Ice rubbing is an inexpensive and effective way to rejuvenate the face and eliminate the most common defects. But the procedure also has its own harm, which must be taken into account, otherwise skin problems may appear even more. Low temperatures for the human body are stressful, even when it comes to local exposure to cold.

Multiple face treatments in this way can have a negative effect on the skin condition.

Frequent exposure to cold on the epidermis results in:

  • Violation of blood flow;
  • To the formation of spider veins;
  • To enlarge the pores;
  • To puffiness.

The constant use of ice cubes and washing with cold water disrupts the work of the sebaceous glands, they begin to produce their secretion in a smaller amount.

Sebum maintains water balance, softens the dermis, and maintains elasticity. And therefore, if ice is used incorrectly and too often in facial care, instead of rejuvenation, you can get exactly the opposite effect - the skin becomes flabby, peeling spots and early wrinkles appear on it. This effect appears gradually, and many women do not associate it with the passion for ice beauty sessions.



Ice to wipe the face cannot be used:

  • With rosacea. Strengthening blood flow and metabolic processes under the influence of cold can intensify the manifestations of the vascular "mesh" on the face;
  • In case of damage to the skin - abrasions, wounds. Rubbing with ice can infect open wounds;
  • If the skin is highly sensitive to cold;
  • With dermatoses. Skin diseases often intensify under the influence of low temperatures.
  • Do not wipe your face with ice during the coldest season and during colds. Toothache, neuritis of the facial nerve is considered a temporary contraindication.

Recommendations for using ice for wrinkles

Ice, which has a rejuvenating effect, is best made with more than just water. Wrinkles will become less visible with regular use of ice cubes made from:

  • Green tea;
  • Coffee;
  • Essential oils;
  • Herbal decoctions;
  • Milk;
  • Lemon;
  • Birch sap;
  • Other fruits and berries.

The selected recipe should be used for at least 7-10 days, only in this case it will be possible to evaluate all changes in the skin. During the first procedures, be sure to observe and consider how the epidermis reacts to ice rubbing. The negative effect on the skin may be associated with intolerance to the separated components included in the ice cubes.

How to make homemade ice for procedures

The effectiveness of the procedure for the skin and its safety is largely determined by how correctly ice is prepared at home. In fact, the preparatory stage takes a minimum of time, it includes:

  • Selection of form for freezing water. This can be either an ordinary silicone mold from the freezer or a small candy box, a special small plastic bag for freezing.
  • Preparation of the basis. Take filtered, mineral water without gases. A decoction of the herb is prepared in most cases from a spoonful of dry raw materials and a glass of boiling water. After insisting for half an hour, it must be filtered and only then added to the molds. Fruit or berry ice cubes are prepared in a special way. First, the fruits are crushed, then they are laid in a mold and only then filled with water.
  • Freeze. The molds should be placed in the freezer after the water in them has cooled to room temperature. Ice is frozen for 8-10 hours, it is advisable to put the mold in the section where there is no meat and fish, otherwise, the water will quickly absorb extraneous odors.

Prepared ice can be safely used in home facials. Herbal decoctions retain all their beneficial properties frozen for a week, formulations with the addition of fruits, juices, coffee are stored for less than 3-4 days. Therefore, you should not immediately prepare a large batch of ice, although it can be added to drinks - tea or plain water.



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