Sonic Facial Cleansing: How to use Aloe Facial Cleansing foam?

What is a foaming cleanser device?

Aloe Facial Cleansing foam

Aloe facial cleansing foam is a product shaped like a regular device, with a structure consisting of a large cylinder-piston combination, with a lid and a mesh located at the top of the piston that has the effect of brushing. You can use facial cleanser - water mixture to create a large and very smooth lather.

The best aloe facial cleansing foam device today

Before the facial cleanser foam device appeared, another popular foaming aid that we still used was the foaming net. This is a cheap and convenient product, but the disadvantage is that it is difficult to clean and the amount of foam created is not smooth enough.

For this reason, a number of beauty brands have developed foaming devices to assist women in the face-washing process and at the same time overcome the disadvantages of conventional foaming nets.

2. Why should foam cleanser?

Aloe facial cleansing foam is similar to foam in other cleaning products, when the foam is created from dissolving cleaning ingredients with water, we will produce cleaning molecules with two hydrophilic and hydrophilic ends oil-loving.

The lipophilic head of these molecules will bind to the oil and dead cells, dead bacteria, dirt .. on the surface of the skin. Meanwhile, the hydrophilic head will bind to the water molecules that we use to wash it off.

As a result, this amount of water will wash away all excess oil, sebum, bacteria, and dirt on the skin. The fluffier, the finer the foam, the smaller and more numerous the molecules will be.

What is the function of aloe facial cleansing foam?

Moreover, the aloe facial cleansing foam will dissolve detergents that are highly alkaline to a low level and are safer for the skin.

On the other hand, foaming will reduce friction; limit the risk of causing skin damage when we rub vigorously, thereby reducing irritation and skin damage. This is something that girls with weak, damaged or dry skin really like.

Did all the above analysis interest you?

Then let's find out which facial cleanser foaming device is the best today that you can consider using!

3. Top 3 best foaming cleanser devices today

Although the market has many types of foaming cleanser devices, here are the 3 most famous and popular products:

3.1. Multifunctional Silicone Cleanser Device

The best facial cleanser foam device today

This girl is a foaming device from a brand that is not unfamiliar to you. Jmuso is a famous skincare brand; all of its products are of good quality. Aloe facial cleansing foam is made of PP plastic, so it is very safe for the skin, especially for the face. The product has the ability to create fast and smooth foam, very easy to use, even for first-timers.

Coming from a big brand and sold a lot on e-commerce sites in China, it is easy for women to buy without worrying about fake goods.

3.2. Multifunction Face Brush device

As we all know, Japanese products have always been famous for their durability and excellent quality. Jmuso is a big Japanese retail brand in China.

Aloe Facial Cleansing foam 2021

Aloe facial cleansing foam is quite simple in structure, creating fast and smooth foam. In terms of material, this baby is also made of PP plastic, which is not harmful to skin health. Moreover, the product can be disassembled for cleaning, which is quite convenient.

The Chinese live very simply and this product seems to be the same. She has only one color, white and pink. However, with a quality product, you don't care too much about color, right?

3.3. Waterproof Sonic Facial Cleansing Foaming Device

Although quite strange to many women, this is a famous brand and the product quality is also highly appreciated.

Aloe facial cleansing foam has two options, pink and blue, with a lovely design. The device has the ability to create fast, smooth foam; the device material is safe for skin health.

This girl also has a point that I quite like that is the capacity line to adjust the amount of water. This design helps women not to pour too much water leading to loose foam, difficult to apply on the skin. She is also considered by the skincare community to be durable compared to the price paid.

Foaming cleanser device costs about 100k for a product. You can buy it on e-commerce sites or online stores.

4. How to use Aloe facial cleansing foam?

How to use the Aloe facial cleansing foam is quite simple, follow these steps:

Pour some clean water into the device; add a sufficient amount of gel/cleanser to the water.

The lid of the device is a plunger, you just need to close the lid, pull the plunger up and down to dissolve the water - cleanser mixture until the foam is enough cotton and smooth.

Apply the foam you just created to the skin, and then wash your face as usual.

It is impossible to completely cleanse the skin of impurities, waste products. The consequences of their accumulation at home! Water procedures with the use of Aloe facial cleansing foam help to remove only superficial impurities and a small part of the keratinizing epithelium.

 And independent, so-called "squeezing" of comedones can lead to skin infection and the development of inflammatory diseases.  

To effectively remove waste products, impurities, comedones and milia, professional cleaning is necessary. A cosmological procedure has become an integral part of basic skin and body care.

Professional Aloe facial cleansing foam - what is it?

This is a complex of manipulations aimed at the deepest, thorough and at the same time gentle cleansing of the skin. It cleans the face and body (back), as well as the elimination of small defects.

They form as a result of blockage of the mouths of the hair follicles and the ducts of the sebaceous glands. Professional cleaning carries out exclusively by a specialist cosmetologist. Moreover, it subjects to all antiseptic rules, taking into account the individual characteristics and problems of human skin.

  1. Conclusion

Above is my entire share about the Aloe facial cleansing foam device product. If you have used this product before, please leave a comment below to help others buy good products!

And if you have never used it and have questions about the foam cleanser device, please ask a question so we can discuss!

Wishing you healthy and smooth skin!

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