8 Best Beauty Salon Equipment Maintenance Tips in 2021

Beauty salon equipment will affect deep inside the skin cell layer, the middle and dermis, so it has a noticeable effect on the tattoo areas. Thereby removing tattoos quickly and easily after only the first treatment is important.

Laser Toning is a superior and convenient product. However, laser toning machines as well as aesthetic devices cannot avoid damage during use and need to be repaired.

Beauty Salon Equipment

Repairing laser toning machines is neither easy nor difficult for cosmetic engineers with many years of experience. The most common machine errors are in the source:

  • control circuit
  • light bulb
  • handle and especially the cooler.

Let's find out more about this machine with us as well as the problems encountered by the machine through this article.

What is laser toning machine?

Laser toning machine is the best beauty salon equipment. And it is a low-cost cosmetic device using laser technology with 3 heads with wavelengths of 532nm and 1064nm and 755nm. This has the effect of creating cold sound waves through which the machine has a rapid effect in the treatment.

Skin Rejuvenation with beauty salon equipment toning technology

Skin rejuvenation is a method of Genesis combined with activated carbon. Using 300ms long pulse mode will create photo thermal effect and absorb pigment affecting subcutaneous tissue. Moreover, it helps skin to increase, stimulate collagen regeneration. Similarly, it cleans pores for smooth, wrinkled skins. Wrinkles reduce and pores minimize, and brighter skin rejuvenates.

Is there anything else that laser toning technology can treat melisma?

In addition to treating melisma, Laser Toning can effectively remove tattoos quickly without leaving scars. That’s why it is the best quality beauty salon equipment. Treatment of skin diseases such as:

  • Freckles
  • Birthmarks
  • congenital eczema
  • age spots
  • skin rejuvenation.

Does this technology cause pain and scarring?

Laser toning machine is the most modern technology available today, bringing high treatment efficiency and safety to the treated skin area. You will feel comfortable, without any pain feeling. This method does not cause damage to the skin, so there is absolutely no scarring after the treatment, as well as no pain. After being a customer, there is no need to rest, normal activities and can apply makeup.

How much does laser toning treatment?

"How much does laser Toning machine cost melisma?" This is a common question asked by Spa stores that are in need of laser toning machines or are looking for a replacement machine. There are many types of beauty salon equipment on the market today, distributed by many manufacturers and companies. That is mean the quality and price are also very different, not the same.

Laser toning machine is considered a popular low-cost machine if manufactured and imported in China. However, these models are often very cheap from 30 million to often have very poor quality and are easily damaged during use. You should contact reputable cosmetic companies such as Jmuso beauty product advice.

How can we select good beauty salon equipment?

The selection of reputable beauty salon equipment companies plays an important role in advising on product selection before buying, supporting machine problems after purchase, assisting in consulting use during use. Currently, cosmetic equipment companies in the market often only have a sales department.

This focuses on sales development to achieve sales, not paying attention to machine quality, so the products are often very cheap.

Beauty Salon Equipment 2021

But after the purchase, the Spa owners need support, the companies will push the responsibility, or the damage will not have the personnel and equipment to replace, forcing the Spa owner to buy new equipment.

How to remove marks with laser beauty salon equipment?

Laser cosmetic machine toning tattoo removal, freckles removal is a high-tech aesthetic device that requires technicians to use it properly to limit problems during use. The laser machine may get damage by some parts due to long-term use, wear and tear, improper transportation and storage.

In that case, technicians need to report to their superiors to be determined to check the beauty salon equipment by the equipment company or the Spa's technical department.

What are the common errors?

The following are common errors in cosmetology machines, as well as spa equipment such as laser toning machines:

  • The machine does not turn the key on and off
  • The machine suddenly lost power
  • Shotgun has lost energy
  • Output energy machine is out of control
  • Laser machine loses its guide beam
  • Clouds touch screen and buttons do not eat
  • Energy difference, low energy shot
  • Leaking water in the handle and in the body
  • The machine has an electric leak

How we can treat our beauty salon equipment?

Absolutely do not arbitrarily disassemble the beauty salon equipment when the person checking the machine is not professional or within the manufacturer's warranty period without consent because the technical parties will check to avoid damage, incorrect installation of equipment, causing serious machine condition.

The machine is still under warranty, so contact the manufacturer for support to avoid losing benefits when the use error belongs to the manufacturer's machine.

Spa beauty salon equipment repair

The problems inside the machine also have a cause that most 60% of laser machines or cosmetic machines applying current technology are suffering from the cooling part. The cosmetology beauty salon equipment usually has very high capacity; there are machines up to 1200W and have to operate continuously for 10 hours/day, so the heat output is very high.

Existing aesthetic coolers are damaged due to the amount of heat generated which damages the bulb circuit greatly. Therefore, when choosing, it is advisable to pay more attention to the heat dissipation factor of the device, should choose equipment with modern heat dissipation technology by fan, water, and chiller which are 3 popular ways of heat dissipation for the machine.

How does spa beauty equipment center help?

With a team of highly qualified and experienced technicians, Spa beauty equipment center will help to fix all problems related to beauty and spa equipment.

  • Always at the forefront of the quality of all services.
  • Dedicated and dedicated service.
  • Repair quickly but always ensure the right process.
  • Reasonable price, optimal.

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