6 Proven Ways to Keep Skin Fresh with Beauty Instrument

If you want beautiful skin, drink more water

Beauty instrument

In fact, if you drink a lot of pure water, it won't get any worse. However, recent studies show that the skin practically does not react to the fluid you consume. The water makes too long a way and does not get to the cells of the epidermis. Similarly, using beauty instrument bring more positive effects.

Sleeping without washing off your beauty instrument makeup is a crime

Come on, come on. If every day, yes, use theatrical make-up and not modern means ... well, yes. But if after a fun party you fell asleep, leaving a high-quality foundation on your skin, and good mascara on your eyelashes, absolutely nothing bad will happen to your skin and eyes. Just try not to repeat this trick often.

To make your hair beautiful, you need to comb it more often.

Only if you have them completely straight, wavy or curly hair can only be damaged! And you electrify, by the way. Comb in the morning with a wide-toothed comb or soft brush - and leave them alone.

Make-up is best applied with brushes

This myth successfully supports the fact that professional beauty instrument makeup artists work with brushes. But we forget that their task is to make the model's face beautiful for a photo shoot or a catwalk. In real life, you can apply makeup with your fingers, sponges, beauty blenders and the same brushes - whatever you like!

Styling will only last on clean hair

Do not consider us dirty, but braids, plaits, various weaves, bunch and textured haircuts fit perfectly just on the second day after washing. This, of course, is not about a situation where the hair and scalp are oily, and the head really looks dirty.

Hair should be washed with shampoo

The mistake here is in the word "must". It is better to replace it with the word "you can." Because even without shampoo, the hair is perfectly cleansed, say, if you just rinse it with warm water and use conditioner or rinse it with apple cider vinegar.

To keep your hair healthy, you need to trim it once every three months.

None of the hair stylists we interviewed confirmed this information. You need to cut your hair for three reasons: the ends are split, the hair has become too long, or the haircut has lost its shape. There is no “wellness” haircut.

For oily skin, do not use oils with beauty instrument

How many times have the world been told that vegetable oils cleanse with beauty instrument, soften and reduce inflammation, but the myth is tenacious. Use it to your health if you like!

Can't squeeze pimples

With dirty hands, and then immediately cover up with a "foundation", and the truth is not worth it. But if you washed your face, carefully got rid of the reptile and applied a disinfectant on top, the problem will disappear much faster than if you follow the natural course of events.

Need to find your wrinkle cream

To pamper yourself is good and correct, but a cream with retinol will really help you from the first wrinkles.  Concealer should be one tone lighter than skin

Not unless you are doing contouring or strobing. The concealer should be as close as possible in tone to your skin, only then it will be invisible.

Only stupid girls go to the gym with beauty instrument makeup

It's about the opinions of others that stupid girls are worried about beauty instrument. If you are comfortable doing with painted eyelashes and lip gloss - so on your health. The only advice is that it is better to wash off the foundation.

Why are we aging faster? 6 reasons from the 21st century

Whether we like it or not, the aging mechanism starts at the age of 25. And it is only a matter of time before the changes become noticeable. But do not forget that in addition to genetic predisposition, much depends on external factors: conditions and lifestyle, habitat, ecology, nutrition, work, the presence of bad habits.


We have collected 6 modern causes of aging, but not to make you upset. We suggest taking control of the situation and postponing aging on the back burner!

1. Smartphone and social networks

While we are awake and even sleeping in our arms with gadgets, the scientific community argues about the dangers and benefits of the blue light that they emit. Its influence is not fully understood, but what really needs to be monitored is the load on the eyes and posture.

What to do? At least sometimes, refuse to view the feed of social networks: you should not sit for a day or so, buried in your smartphone screen. Fresh air, sports, proper nutrition, care are the real enemies of aging. It is best to use anti-aging beauty instrument.

2. Fast food

If you cannot imagine your life without harmful, but such delicious food, then extra pounds and premature aging cannot be avoided. Swelling of facial tissues, pronounced flabbiness and dryness of the skin, deformation of the contours, faded complexion are just some of the consequences of the love of fast food.

What to do? Control your diet, change the psychological perception of food and remember: we eat to live, not live to eat.

3. Sunburn

Lovers of lying on the beach and spending a lot of time in a solarium (especially those who neglect sunscreens) will experience dry thinning skin, a network of wrinkles, irritation and redness. In addition, excessive sunbathing is not safe for health.

What to do? Do not forget about quality beauty instrument protection and sunbathe in moderation.

4. Smoking

Cigarettes have an effect on the skin comparable to that of ultraviolet radiation: free radicals are released and activate enzymes. These, in turn, break down elastin and collagen. The inevitable result is wrinkles and loose skin.

What to do? Gradually give up cigarettes, replacing the habit with other joys in life.

5. Office work

Did you know that a working day at the monitor from 6 hours daily ages a woman by an average of 5-10 years? Cosmetologists even have such a term - a computer face (with dark circles under the eyes, dry irritated skin and obvious wrinkles) and a turkey neck.

What to do? Do not forget about beauty instrument breaks. Go out into the fresh air, drink more water, control your posture, put on a humidifier (the enemy of air conditioners and dry office air), use thermal water.

Beauty instrument 2021

6. Improve beauty instrument Lifestyle

You are an owl and like to stay awake at night, but during the day you "bite" your nose? Not only is this not the best way to affect the quality of life, but it is also not very useful for the skin. The fact is that the skin also has its own rhythm of life.

At night, all cellular processes are activated (cell division, the birth of new ones and the death of old ones), therefore, when you are having fun at a party at night or sitting at the computer, the biorhythm of the skin is disrupted. Bottom line: she becomes sensitive, irritable, hormonal levels are disrupted.

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