6 Proven Benefits of Multifunctional Facial Beauty Instruments

How latest high-frequency facial beauty devices boost your salon brand?

Multifunctional Facial Beauty Instruments

Do you have your own beauty salon? Do you want to make your clients feel Wao! Well! today because of the multifunctional facial beauty instruments, it is no more a dream.

But the amazing thing is that people are not yet fully aware of this modern technology. So, by using these multifunctional devices at your beauty parlor, you can establish the unique identity of your salon.

In this guide, we will discuss why modern ladies love to use high-frequency multifunctional beauty devices. Further, you will also read about the best-ever multifunctional instruments.

Hence, by using it at your beauty salon, you will be able to perfectly treat all skin issues of your clients.

Stay with us for more details!

Why women prefer to use multifunctional facial beauty instruments?

In ancient times, women were lucky because they had flawless skin naturally. Moreover, they did not have to face as serious skin problems as women do today.

But by using the latest high-frequency multifunctional facial beauty instruments, women can fight all severe skin issues such as;

  • all types of acne,
  • shrink enlarged pores,
  • dark eye circles,
  • wrinkles and fine lines,
  • nourish hair follicles
  • several other signs of aging and many, many more.

Significantly, these modern high-frequency devices are user-friendly. Hence, these ideally professional beauty instruments are not only helpful to use at home but can boost your salon business as well.

What are the most popular multifunctional facial beauty instruments?

These beauty instruments are more reliable as compared to serums, moisturizers, and eye creams as they deeply action by penetrating deep into your skin.

Additionally, they perfectly repair your damaged tissues and give you smoother, firmer, and more contoured-looking skin than before.

What are you waiting for?

Come with us to know more about popular multifunctional facial beauty instruments!

  1. Multifunctional Facial Beauty Instrument RF and EMS
  2. Anti-Aging Face Massager with Hot & Cold Modes
  3. Face Machine, Facial Massager,7 in 1 Face Cleaner Lifting Machine

Multifunctional Facial Beauty Instrument RF and EMS (5 in 1):

This amazing multifunctional high-frequency instrument is at the top of the list as it is ideal to fight all skin problems. It is not only able to stimulate the cell metabolism of your skin but also can reduce your skin pressure.


Furthermore, it also has the capability to promote your blood circulation that increases the elasticity of your skin, and can make your skin firmer like never before. This device is safer as well as lighter so you can easily keep it in your luggage even for long traveling.

How to use:

This multifunctional facial beauty instrument is very simple to use.

Just press the power button and hold it only for 3 seconds to boot it properly. Now you will short press the power selection mode for the treatment. It uses radiofrequency energy to perfectly treat your skin deeply.

Additional features:
  • It uses RF waves and EMS micro-current for the perfect treatment.
  • It includes 5 massage modes like led-in, lifts, anti-aging, cleansing, and remove acne.
  • Also, 5 different energy levels for each mode.
  • It uses red, pink, yellow, blue, and green LED lights for each mode.
  • You will get 5 years warranty as well as a free replacement within 3 months.
  • You will get more energetic skin by using only 2-3 times a week.
Retail price:

Its price is $195.00

Anti-Aging Face Massager with Hot & Cold Modes:

This is also a wonderful multifunctional facial beauty instrument that helps to fade signs of aging. Further, it is a high-frequency electronic beauty machine that ideally tightens your saggy skin.

These cold and hot modes help to shrink your skin pores as well as make it ideal to absorb the skincare product. Essentially, the device warms your skin using 40 ℃ magnetic heat so that it can easily absorb skincare products with a 3D massage.

After the 3D massage and absorption of the skincare product, the device rapidly tightens pores using a 19 ℃ cold cooling mold. This cooling mode also helps to repair and totally calm your skin deeply.

How to use:

It is a rechargeable toning device that uses both hot and cold modes. It starts working from normal to cool mode and in the end, it uses hot mode and after it, the device automatically turns off.

First of all, you will apply a skincare lotion that is usually available along with this multifunctional facial beauty instrument. Now power on the device with a long press. Next, you will use it on your face, it automatically uses the 3 modes such as normal, cool, and hot.

After every 3 minutes, you will move it to the next part. Hence, overall it takes 9 minutes to completely treat your skin.

Additional features:
  • It automatically works from "Normal→Cool→Hot" modes.
  • Also, automatically after every three minutes, it switches to the next mode
  • Its high-frequency vibration massages your skin and vibrates to improve skin vitality as well.
  • A perfect device for smoothing fine lines and facial lifting.
  • It comes in dashing black and elegant white colors.
Retail price:

Its retail price is $ 159.99

Face Machine, Facial Massager,7 in 1 Face Cleaner Lifting Machine:

This multifunctional facial beauty instrument initially works by using LED red & blue waves of light. Further, it has the terrific ability to regenerate by firming and lifting your loose skin.

Additionally, it activates and enhances the elasticity of your skin using the EMS massaging technique. Makes your skin extra smoother and healthier. It also works with clean cream that deeply cleans your face and blackheads. Moreover, it extremely beneficial to fade dark spots.

How to use:

It is also very simple to use. Just apply a skincare product to your face. Now power on your device and gently move it from the left to right and then from right to left.

Treat all the areas of your face for almost 3 minutes with this multifunctional facial beauty instrument and get glowing and younger-looking skin instantly.

Additional features:
  • It is an ideal mini-size skin tightening machine.
  • It constantly supports 45-degree temperature.
  • Improves the metabolism of your face and reduces fine lines.
  • Perfect for anti-oxidant, repairing skin, anti-aging, and reducing the extra oil secretion.
  • Constant temperature heating and high-frequency vibration make skin fully absorb nutrients of skincare products.
Retail price:

The retail price of this high-frequency machine is $ 399.0

Multifunctional Facial Beauty Instruments 2021


We have provided all essential information about these flawless beauty devices so that you can easily get them from a reliable dealer.

These are top multifunctional facial beauty instruments that ideally fight all signs of aging. Moreover, these are highly beneficial for any salon. So, try them and feel your clients a Wao! effect.

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