The Top 5 RF Beauty Instrument of 2020

The RF Beauty Instrument: Which One to Buy in 2020

An RF Beauty Instrument is quickly gaining popularity this year. The reason for its sharp increase in demand is pandemic. Due to which people are avoiding salons and aesthetic clinics. They are now looking for devices that can give them salon-like treatments at home.

RF beauty instrument is a tool that provides at-home radiofrequency skin treatment very similar to that you get at the salon. Moreover, these radio frequency beauty devices are much cheaper than salons’ RF treatments, and the results are somewhat similar.

RF Beauty Instrument

What is A Radio Frequency Treatment?

Radiofrequency skin treatment utilizes energy from high-frequency radio waves to yield desirable results. The treatment involves a device that aestheticians rotate over your skin. Radio waves from the device penetrate deep into the skin, heating the middle layer- the Dermis-of the skin.

The Dermis is composed of collagen, which is a protein that keeps the skin firm and flexible. As we age, the production of collagen in our body reduces, which leads to sagginess in the skin. When the Dermis is heated beyond a specific threshold temperature, it tightens the collagen fibers and releases extra collagen.

In this way, the local collagen tightens and increases, which ultimately leads to tighter, younger-looking skin. Radiofrequency treatments also work to fight wrinkles and fine lines on the face, neck, and rest of the body. These treatments are also known to ‘kill’ fat cells. They are hence giving a more contoured look to the part that undergoes this treatment.

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What does an RF Treatment Do?

Radiofrequency treatment is gradually gaining fame among the ladies for multiple reasons. One primary reason for RF treatment’s popularity is its skin tightening capabilities. The energy from the RF device heats the inner layers of your skin. This heating triggers your body into releasing collagen, a form of protein that makes your skin looking firmer and younger.

Furthermore, by leading to an increased amount of collagen in your skin, RF treatments also reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

Moreover, radiofrequency treatments also take your side in your fight against cellulite. The heat from these waves destroys the fat deposits beneath your skin, eliminating cellulite and giving you dimple-free, smooth skin.

Radiofrequency skin treatment enhances blood circulation in your facial tissues. It gives you a fresher looking skin instantly with a glow that lasts long once you undergo a radiofrequency treatment.

The best part about a Radio Frequency Skin treatment is that it is 100% safe, almost pain-free, and has negligible side-effects. Furthermore, it yields instant and long-lasting results. Thus, you can never go wrong with this treatment unless you get it done by some uncertified, non-professional person. Then you can get a skin burn. But why would you do that?

What is RF Instruments?

Do you want to get a Radio Frequency Treatment but don’t have time to make weekly visits to the salon? Or you don’t have that many extra dollars to spend on skin treatment but want your skin to look firm and feel fresh? If yes, then you may want to consider the idea of getting an RF beauty tool.

An RF beauty instrument provides salon-like skin rejuvenation and uplift without you having to visit the salon. These radio frequency instruments are small, hand-held devices that retrieve power from your electrical socket. They produce radio waves, which in turn generate heat to trigger your body into producing more collagen.

The at-home RF beauty instruments do not heat your skin as much as those at the salon. But still, most devices are pretty much capable of yielding visible effects after a few days of use.

However, salons or aesthetic clinics may ask you to take up to 6 weekly sessions to get the best results. While you might have to use an at-home RF beauty instrument more frequently, maybe even every day, to see results that can be visible anywhere within a month.

Radiofrequency devices give you a salon-like experience and often come with a conductive gel. This gel works as a lubricant and eliminates the friction between the device and your skin. Thus, giving you a smooth experience. Moreover, this gel acts as a conductor and ensures that the right amount of heat penetrates the top layers into the deeper skin dermis.

What Are the Best RF Beauty Instruments to Choose From in 2020?

Many companies, such as Jmuso, have introduced their own RF treatment kits and devices to offer their customers a professional quality radiofrequency skin treatment. All these devices have practically the same working procedure with minor tweaks in their specifications.

Below we have hand-picked some of the most popular RF beauty instruments that produce guaranteed results with a high customer satisfaction percentage.

1.       NuDerma Professional Skin Therapy Wand

The NuDerma Skin Therapy Wand is perfect for you if you are looking to get a professional RF skin treatment for various areas of your skin. It comes with ‘wands’ of different shapes made to target specific parts of your skin. It combines the capabilities of Neon and Argon to ensure good blood circulation and fight persistent acne marks.

The NuDerma Skin Therapy kit comes at around $77; therefore, it is the perfect pick for someone looking for RF rejuvenating skin therapy on a budget.

RF Beauty Instrument

2.       The Newa Classic Skin Tightening Device

This one is expert-approved. Many skincare experts use the Newa Classic Skin tightening device for their skin treatment and swear by its results. This classic device comes with a conductive gel and a connector that powers the device.

It has built-in sensors that sense your Dermis’ temperature and an indicator that turns green when the right temperature has been achieved. This way, you know when to stop massaging a particular section and move on to the next.

Newa’s RF beauty instrument may come at a price of around $200, but it is FDA-approved and yields proven results within one month of regular use.

RF Beauty Instrument

3.       MLAY RF Radio Frequency Skin Tightening Machine.

More than 70% of the people who used the MLAY RF Skin Tightening Machine saw visible results within just one month. Moreover, if you are looking for a skin tightening device that works wonders on your face, neck, and your entire body, then you may want to consider the MLAY RF Skin Tightening Machine.

This device comes with a price tag of an astounding $300. However, it has a year’s warranty and gives you no less than two months of a money-back guarantee.

RF Beauty Instrument-1


4.       Silk’n Titan Anti-Aging Skin Tightening Device

This elegant, sleek looking ultra-modern device unifies the skin-enhancing capabilities of radiofrequency, LED lighting, and Infra-red energy. Therefore, it gives you a skin tightening and rejuvenating experience like no other. However, its use is only restricted to the face and neck. So if you are looking for a device to target these areas, this device is for you. 

This device will set you back $270, but it comes with a 2-year warranty and money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the results.

RF Beauty Instrument

5.       Sensica Sensilift Anti-Aging Skin Tightening Device

Sensica’s Sensilift Skin Tightening Device makes a bold claim of producing visible results within just one week of use. This device has temperature sensors that measure the skin’s temperature and adjust its heating function accordingly.

Sensica’s Sensilift is very lightweight and has an ergonomic design, which makes it easier to handle. It will take around $279 out of your wallet but will come with a two months money-back guarantee and a promise to produce great results.

RF Beauty Instrument

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Your Personalized RF Devices 

In case you are looking for a way to enjoy all the functionalities in one device, while ensuring that the device is in budget. Allow, Jmuso to help you create your own devices. They have been offering OEM and ODM services for more than 10 years.

Final Thought on RF Beauty Instrument

In this pandemic ridden year, getting an RF beauty instrument might be the perfect option for getting a professional radiofrequency skin treatment while staying at home and keeping your family and community safe.

RF beauty instruments work in the same way as any other radio frequency device in a salon or an aesthetic clinic. However, some tools target your face and neck, while others are made to treat different areas of the body as well.

Therefore, take some time to decide what parts of your body do you want your RF beauty tool to serve. Determine how much money you are willing to spend and then go out looking for a device that fits perfectly with all your requirements and constraints.


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