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Try Painless Facial Beauty Power

OEM ems Beauty Instrument

You can do OEM ems Beauty Instrument treatment from the comfort of your home. There are two positive and negative rods, and the electrical current will flow through the skin and then the facial muscles. The process is painless but effective as a home treatment.

The low voltage will repair damaged skin, and the contractions will stimulate collagen. Don't worry because you won't feel the contractions or any discomfort. So if you are looking for a wrinkle treatment, this technology can help you.

It is important to mention that this type of facial massage is often used to improve the conditions of Bell's palsy. The contractions will teach the muscles to get stronger.

Sonic OEM ems Beauty Instrument

For facial massage, you can use sonic OEM ems Beauty Instrument technology. It has anti-aging properties, as it improves blood circulation, and it also has a positive effect on lymphatic drainage. Thus, over time, you will have a younger and brighter skin.

The natural face lift will also clean your pores and remove impurities from your skin as it breaks down dirt and oil. Some sonic instrument will provide up to 7,000 sonic vibrations, so it removes any residue and makeup from your face while giving you a relaxing massage.

Ultrasonic OEM ems Beauty Instrument

Ultrasonic facial instrument will penetrate deep through the skin to tone muscles, increase blood circulation, and provide a smooth skin surface. It is a popular choice as many dermatologists report better product penetration.

It means that every time you use OEM ems Beauty Instrument, your skin will be able to absorb it better. Professionals use it to remove age spots, relieve puffy eyes, and repair damaged skin.

Led light

Most of this instrument has a red or blue light. To treat skin problems like acne or wrinkles, you can use LED therapy. The blue light will kill bacteria on the skin, thus providing a treatment against blackheads. The technology, also called therapeutic light energy, would act as fuel for skin cells to shrink large pores and reduce the appearance of fine lines.

Although it uses light, the wavelengths are not harmful to the skin. Therefore, this treatment can be used for a prolonged period. Also, this is another non-invasive treatment for you to use regardless of your skin type. You will feel your skin softer and clearer.

Hot / cold OEM ems Beauty Instrument

This type of OEM ems Beauty Instrument based on the alternation of hot and cold temperatures. The hot massage performed at 42 que, which increases blood circulation and helps better absorption of skin care products. The second step is a cold massage that minimizes pores, makes the skin taut and smooth.


For wrinkles

Here's the big problem with aging: wrinkles. Although some wrinkles can be a sign of wisdom, we want to get rid of them. Regular massage helps reduce the appearance of wrinkles, but let's face it: we won't be able to get rid of them completely. To keep lines to a minimum, make sure you eat a healthy diet with plenty of raw fruits and vegetables and stay hydrated.

For oily skin

Facial massage is very beneficial for oily skin as well. For best results, use water-based adjuvants instead of oil, and don't over stimulate the face.

For facial treatment at home

A full facial involves more steps than a simple massage. While the electric facial massager is an easy tool to use at home, we recommend a more elaborate home facial machine if you want a spa experience with advanced facial procedures.

We promise that the homemade facial will not make you lose money; in fact, it is much more affordable than regular visits to your esthetician.

For men

We agree that women are the segment most interested in facial massage and other procedures related to beauty and health. However, men's skin is affected in the same way as women's and can benefit from an OEM ems Beauty Instrument in the same way.


OEM ems Beauty Instrument 2021

The same products recommended for women are great for men too. Below is a short video guide on how to use the Electric Facial Massager for Men.


The muscles of the face benefit from a regular massage, like any other muscle in our body. The advantage of an electric facial massage is that it does all of this in the easiest way, just by pressing a button and moving it on your face. These are the most important benefits of the facial massager:

Makes the blood flow

Electric facial massage machines help the correct circulation of the blood. Being exposed to pollution and too much sun exposure can have a negative effect on our skin.

Additionally, lack of sleep and stress can also clog pores and reduce blood circulation. As a result, your face will look pale and tired. OEM ems Beauty Instrument help stimulate lymph nodes, remove excess fluids, and increase blood flow and nutrients.

OEM ems Beauty Instrument Relieves tension

You will encounter stress and tension every day. It can result in tight facial muscles. When the muscles of the face tighten, wrinkles occur. If the muscles of the face are tight, it can also lead to aches and pains.

Note that the face contains several pressure points. Stimulate pressure points to relieve tension. It is the reason why it is crucial to massage the skin regularly.

Improves acne healing

Acne is a common problem. They can appear at any time and are difficult to remove for the most part, especially after they have healed. To help reduce acne and other facial skin conditions, you can give yourself a facial massage.

By using an electric facial massage machine, you can improve blood flow, which can lead to a natural healing process. It can also eliminate toxins that cause acne breakouts.

Prevents wrinkles

Wrinkles are a common sign of aging wrinkles. There are many causes of wrinkles, and one of them is the frequent stretching of the facial muscles due to stress. To relieve stress and prevent wrinkles, you can use OEM ems Beauty Instrument. Massaging your face can relax tight muscles and minimize wrinkles. You can use a moisturizer rich in nutrients and minerals.

OEM ems Beauty Instrument lift your face

Maintain your youthful glow by using electric facial massages. The instrument will rub and stimulate your skin, resulting in increased collagen production. Collagen is a natural protein that helps maintain skin elasticity. As a result, you can have firmer and more hydrated skin. Facial massage can make your face look younger.

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