10 Safety Tips while using rf & ems beauty instrument

How to ensure customer safety with beauty instrument?

rf & ems beauty instrument

By observing rf & ems beauty instrument, you will do a good service not only to yourself, but also to the entire professional community. After all, dishonesty or unprofessionalism of one cosmetologist, in the eyes of the client, undermines the credibility of the entire beauty industry.

Let's respect the rf & ems beauty instrument and customers.

The beautician works within the law.

Don't take on services that you lack the education or qualifications to do. The cosmetologist does not impose unnecessary services.

When prescribing procedures, be guided solely by the benefits for the client and not by the benefits for yourself or the beauty salon.

The safety of the client for the cosmetologist is above all.

Inform clients about indications and contraindications carefully collect anamnesis. Offer an alternative or refuse the procedure if there is a risk of harming the client. The beautician adheres to the rules of sanitation and hygiene in the workplace to ensure the safety of procedures.

The beautician does not start the rf & ems beauty instrument procedure until he is sure that he understands exactly what the client wants.

The client has the right to know what the beautician is doing and why. Tell the client about your actions and what kind of products you use during the procedure.

The beautician does not criticize the client's choice

If he does not threaten his health and does not contradict common sense, offer the best option, in your opinion, but leave the client the right to choose.

  • The beautician can politely refuse the procedure.
  • This is especially true for surgical methods in cosmetology.
  • The beautician does not focus the client's attention on the shortcomings of his appearance.
  • Unless the client himself asks you for such advice. Don't make complexes with your clients.

The cosmetologist is not a psychologist or a priest.

But the beautician keeps the personal information that the client shares with him during visits as strictly as the secret of confession. At the same time, the rf & ems beauty instrument beautician remembers that clients go to him not only for a good appearance, but also for a good mood.

Therefore, he maintains the conversation, but does not immerse the client in his problems.

The rf & ems beauty instrument beautician maintains client privacy

He never comes into conflict with the client; in a disputable situation he makes concessions. But it is not justified. In conflict situations, he remains calm, looking not to blame, but for ways to solve the problem.

Winter is mostly dark and cold time. But for cosmetologists it is very profitable. If you do not forget to include in your price list all the most profitable winter procedures. It is in winter that there are no restrictions on the provision of any aesthetic services.

On long winter evenings, you just want to once again please yourself with a visit to a beautician. And the main bonus is the New Year holidays. You need to tidy up your appearance both before and after them.

Check if you have already offered all the procedures demanded in winter to your clients.

1st place: chemical peels rf & ems beauty instrument 

They cannot be done in spring, summer and early autumn. So late autumn and winter is the time for deep cleansing and skin rejuvenation. Chemical peels are usually carried out in a course, and this makes them even more attractive to cosmetologists.

2nd place: nutritional treatments 

Winter is the time when the central heating is on at full capacity and the temperature drops make the skin dry and sensitive. At this time, clients especially often ask rf & ems beauty instrument cosmetologists to help their skin survive the cold.

3rd place: mesotherapy 

Many clients prefer to do beauty injections in the winter. Indeed, even with the correct procedure, bruises, papules and swelling may remain after it. In winter, you can easily make up (in summer, using a thick layer of makeup is not always comfortable). In addition, in January there are many non-working days when you can safely "sit out" the side effects at home.

4th place: lymphatic drainage 


This "slimming" procedure has two periods of peak demand - on the eve of the summer and around the New Year. At the end of December - ladies put their bodies in order before the holidays. In early January, they try to quickly remove the consequences of plentiful feasts.

5th place: eyelash extension 

In summer, girls have a sea or a swimming pool (eyelashes in them can behave unpredictably). But in winter - there is no reason not to make yourself long fluffy eyelashes. So buy materials and brush up on the technique if you haven't done building for a long time.

Until spring, you will even have time to learn and practice this one of the most demanded skills now (if you haven’t done it yet).

Laser hair removal with rf & ems beauty instrument

And again winter - removes all restrictions. During the course of photo and laser hair removal with rf & ems beauty instrument, between procedures, it is undesirable to remove hair with wax. It turns out that girls, especially at the beginning of the course, have to endure vegetation on their body’s part of the time.

Hairy legs are much easier to hide in winter than in summer. Therefore, many girls begin to radically get rid of hair precisely in the cold season.
rf & ems beauty instrument 2021

7th place: lip care 

How long have you offered your clients nourishing masks, peels, serums, special creams - for lips? There are such products in many cosmetic lines, but they are forgotten by everyone. As a result, cosmetologists lose profits, and clients are content with hygienic lipstick. Be sure to offer the client lip care - usually in winter, the service goes with a bang.

8th place: face or body massage

In winter, when it is dark and cold outside, it is especially pleasant to relax or even sleep on the massage couch. Plus, facial massage is a great way to quickly refresh and rejuvenate your skin. Before the New Year holidays - all express methods are especially popular.

9th place: express lifting with rf & ems beauty instrument

Plaster, alginate masks, micro currents. Another way to make your face look younger. Remind the client about them before the New Year - and you will surely receive several additional orders.

10th place: paraffin therapy 

At the same time, offers the client not to waste time: to do paraffin treatment of the hands with rf & ems beauty instrument. The client will be grateful to you: for deep and comparatively inexpensive hand skin nourishment and time saving.


We have collected several ideas for budget beauty instrument that can please customers and increase their loyalty to you. A very warm, atmospheric gift that will never be abundant. Take care of a pleasant, better paper, packaging, with personalized inscriptions. This is easy to do, and the client will appreciate your personal attention.

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