10 5 in 1 Beauty Instrument Secrets for Aged Skin Care: Best Guide

Beauty Guide for the Perfect Skin

5 in 1 beauty instrument

5 in 1 beauty instrument is faster, easier, and more efficient - become more beautiful while your favorite song is playing! We invite you to get acquainted with 10 simple ways to spend time with benefits for your appearance and health. Especially for the lazy!

5 in 1 beauty instrument procedures that are best not done until 35 years old

In pursuit of beauty, many of us forget that the skin also needs rest, and at a young age it is better to rely only on high-quality hydration and nutrition. Nevertheless, girls begin to do cosmetic procedures too early, and the result is the opposite - the skin begins to age prematurely.

We've figured out which 5 popular 5 in 1 beauty instrument treatments are best to postpone for as long as possible!

Surgical lifting

“Of course, surgical face lifting can be postponed until 40 years. This type of intervention corrects quite pronounced changes in soft tissues. It cannot be corrected by injection and hardware methods, say cosmetologist specialists.

So, if the salon offers to resort to this type of wrinkle correction, and you are not yet 35 years old, feel free to change your beautician!

Botox beauty instrument

Some girls mistakenly believe that an injection of Botox is such nonsense. I did it and forgot it, but even at the age of 20! Don't take yourself so lightly.

Firstly, you run the risk of losing some of your facial expressions, since after the injection of Botox, the fibers of the muscles that form wrinkles relax. Think of Nicole Kidman with her mask face! This, of course, is the most extreme example, but all possible consequences should be taken into account.

Botox is like drug?

Secondly, Botox is like a drug. Having injected the drug once, you will definitely repeat it again - simply because after a few months the wrinkles will return and, possibly, will be even more noticeable than before the procedure.

It is for this reason that experienced 5 in 1 beauty instrument cosmetologists advise to postpone Botox injections until they are really needed. And this usually only happens after 35 years.

5 in 1 beauty instrument Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is an injection into the middle layers of the epidermis of an individually composed cocktail of vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and nutrients. After this procedure, noticeable dots remain on the skin for several days, which disappear over time.

Some cosmetologists advise doing mesotherapy after about 28-30, but in fact, you can postpone the procedure for several more years. The fact is that with proper care, regular scrubbing and moisturizing, the skin itself generates all the "building material" for elasticity and firmness.

Why skin becomes lazy?

As soon as you start "treating" her with such active cocktails, the skin will begin to "lazy". Indeed, why support yourself on your own, if nutrition already comes from outside?

Doing 5 in 1 beauty instrument mesotherapy before the age of 35 is possible only in case of premature aging of the skin - and this is the exception rather than the rule.

Rules of skin care with the first signs of aging

Skin care after 30 must be especially thorough if you want to look like the forever young Christie Brinkley at 50. Follow our advice and don't worry about age!

Give up hard scrubbing

Everyone needs exfoliation, but now there are far more gentle ways to get rid of dead skin cells. Why we advise you to give up scrubs. Instead, try rolling peels or the softest scrubs without harsh particles. Well, our favorite option is with acids. What acids are there, how to choose the right one for yourself and whether they can be used in the summer.

Choose a collagen stimulating cream

With age, the main problem of our skin is the slowed down production of collagen - it is he who is responsible for elasticity. Therefore, so that wrinkles do not appear ahead of time, you need to use anti-aging creams that help this very collagen to produce and "push out" wrinkles from the inside.

Regular 5 in 1 beauty instrument moisturizer just “dry skin” or “normal skin” may not work for you anymore, so look for other options that target collagen production.

Use 5 in 1 beauty instrument serums

Serum is the most concentrated product. Unlike regular cream, it contains more active ingredients. This is a real cocktail of useful components, which means that the effect is more noticeable. Therefore, if you are not using them now, then now is the time to add them to your “diet”.

Don't forget about the neckline

Tell me honestly; when you apply the cream, what areas do you pay attention to? Only the face and neck? This is the mistake of most women! We want the décolleté skin to remain firm and taut, so you have to be generous - use your anti-aging facial treatment in this area too, because a regular body lotion will not give any rejuvenating effect.

Do lymphatic drainage massage

We hope that sometimes you trust your face to a 5 in 1 beauty instrument beautician and do not forget about professional care. If you do not have such a habit, then after 35 years you will have to acquire it - once every six months, undergo a course of lymphatic drainage massage (you need 7-10 procedures).


It is he who improves blood circulation, promotes skin elasticity and slows down the aging process. Just add this procedure to your schedule and do not forget to visit the beautician!

Do the mask twice a week

Are you used to "indulging" in masks from time to time, when you and your friend suddenly decided to have a spa bachelorette party? It is not right! The face mask should be done once a week. For example, a nourishing mask with antioxidant vitamins A and E works great.

Once a week, do an intensive rejuvenating mask with 5 in 1 beauty instrument as well. Make sure it contains collagen, elastin, B vitamins and hyaluronic acid.

Remove makeup with hydrophilic oil

The skin around the eyes is the most sensitive, and this is what we most damage when we wash off makeup. Do not try to wash off the remnants of mascara with a gel that is not intended for eyelids, or, even worse, with ordinary soap (we know that many people sin with this).

Remove makeup with hydrophilic oil, and then wash off with warm water. Another proven option is biphasic whey, which also has an oil base. Why do we recommend oil? With it, you will definitely not dry out your skin and will not rub it until reddening, which becomes one of the reasons for the appearance of wrinkles.

5 in 1 beauty instrument 2021

Include vegetable juices in your diet

We all know that true beauty comes from within, so if you want to help your skin stay youthful, watch your diet. We will not urge you to radically change your diet, but still start drinking a vitamin cocktail. The juice of celery, parsley and fresh cabbage may not be the best treat in the world, but its composition helps the skin to maintain its elasticity.

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